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Hello all.  I launched a little over a week ago.  I need help figuring out why I'm getting such a poor Google search ranking.  I submitted my site map to both Google and Bing via their webmaster tools.  If I search for "Send a Penguin" (no quotes) on Bing, I'm the first result and result text looks great.  When I search the same on Google I'm not even on the first 10 pages(I gave up looking after 10).  Any advice?  Should I / is there a way to add key word tags that would help to my pages?  


Hi Andrew, I'd like to start by saying: What you're asking is what is SEO?

To begin with, let me give you a few basic pointers.

  • Google Sandbox. Google will not rank you higher up under any circumstance, simply because you're a brand new website. They put you on a backburner for a few months until you can show them that you're an original, non spammy website that offers value to your visitors. You're ranking on Bing because Bing and Google run different search algorithms.
  • You absolutely WILL NOT rank without backlinks. You need to have a great backlink profile with authoritative websites in order to gain rank. Reaching out to bloggers and authors, doing broken link campaigns, producing great content that people want to link to, posting in forums and staying active in your niche community -- are all great ways to make this happen, but certainly not the only ways.
  • Keywords. Okay, you're saying Google won't rank you - but for what keywords? You can rank #1 for one keyword, but be non existant for another. What are your target keywords? What search query do you want to be #1 for? "Send gifts to loved one?" Or "creative ideas for my girlfriend?" Think of what users are searching, and that requires good keyword planning.
  • Sitemap doesn't improve your rankings, per se. A sitemap only makes it easier for Google or Bing to crawl your website, and helps it understand what it's about. It won't be anything that brings you to the first page of Google; you need to focus on content, backlinks, on site SEO, and keywrd planning for that.
  • Meta keywords are no good. If by "key word tags" you mean "meta keywords," this means nothing to Google, as of 2009 during an announcement with Google's CEO Matt Cutts. Meta Keywords in the olden days of SEO, helped search engines know what your site was about, and would determine your rank partly based on it. Problem is people abused the system and would write in meta keywords that people were searching at a higher volume in order to trick Google into thinking their site needed more attention, and it worked - until 2009 when they dropped it completely from their search algorithm.

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