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I've got stuck with google shopping and how to load different sizes/colours on?I tried using the app but got nowhere.

My products have different colour options and also different sizes (products are dog collars). How do I list these?

Currently I have each item with drop downs for colour and size but looks like this format does not work with Google shopping? Do I need to change the whole format of how I list my products e.g list them separately by colour? instead of studdded collar, list studded collar black, studded collar pink and so on? If I do this, how do search engines like repeating the same product info as in the end the product is the same apart of colour.

I'm not very technical so probably not using correct terms, I hope it is understandable what I'm trying to ask :-)

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Hello Noora,

Thanks for your post!

Your product's variants like colours and sizes should alll be able to feed to Google Shopping via the Merchant Center. Here's a guide on the Product Requirements for Publishing to the Google Merchant Center. This should sort our any issues.

If you have any specific error message that are appearing, post them below and I can definitely help trouble-shoot them with you.