Got about 200 orders everyday on Amazon but very little on my official site!

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Hello everyone,

In the very begining, we started to sale our canvas bags including canvas backpack, canvas messenger bag, duffle, tote, etc on Amazon. Now we get about 200 orders everyday, a lot of awesome reviews from Amazon. However, as for our official site, we get poor traffic everyday then pretty hard to get an order here. My site is

I would high appreciate if anyone could give me some suggestions on SEO or the content I am short of on my site. Thank you.




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Are you doing any advertising? My first sugesstion would be to look into Google Shopping ads. 

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No. I will but before that I just want to make everything on the site prepared first.

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Consider your Amazon success proof of concept that people want the products you sell. Now, the only thing that is missing is awareness of your brand. Don't forget, Amazon is a marketplace - they spend a lot of money bringing people in and making sure people have them top of mind.

Now that you've opened your store, you have to do the same - build awareness and be the brand people purchase from.

This is achieved today with a combination of social and seach domination.

First, social: I took a look at your Facebook Page, and it is currently being treated as a personal Facebook page. You need to focus on making your Facebook page brand specific, and education your customers on the benefits of your bags, travelling etc. You are definitely short on this content. The good news is that you easily fix this and then begin the fun part: Facebook Ads.

With over 200 sales per day, by now you have a good idea of who your customer is - age, demographic and country - you can find these people on Facebook as well and target both your content and your product to make sales. 

I also think your product is a great candidate for influencer advertising.

The second component of your Shopify store success is dominating search. The low hanging fruit here is getting on Google Shopping Ads and gaining market share from your competitors. The long term investment, and what you originally posted about, is dominating the Organic Search results in your industry. My analysis on what you can do to improve this is quite thorough, much like this post (I do this for a living so I get pretty involved when people talk about this!).

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