Great ways to boost Traffic and Income by 80% - Some ideas for you all to try - Been marketing online since 1994

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I have been marketing since 1994, SEO was very important 10 years ago before Google made some crazy changes. Social Media is the way forward for cheap and free traffic if done correctly .

Try all of my tips below together for 3 weeks and then leave a comment below....  
Don't just pick 1 or 2 to try as this won't work.. 

Here are some tips that work with each other.

1. SEO - if you want to get found for a particular keyword make sure that keyword in on your page title and body text of your website.. If you don't have the keywords on your site copy you want to be found for, how will you ever get found. Seo will only bring you 10% of your traffic if you have a new site with no marketing. 

2. Facebook can cost a fortune if done incorrectly,  Try Facebook post boosts instead we make arrox 20k per month just from this. Simply add a great image and a few words with your web address and hit Boost on the bottom of your post.  Made sure you CC details are linked to your facebook account to enable this button.

I try and post each day around 7.30pm 9pm - don't post during daylight hours - The times I select is when people have put kids to bed and there is nothing good on TV - people pick up their phones most during this time as I do also.

I find the option boost to people who like your page and their friends works best.  When a friend asks a question on your post the person who originally liked your facebook page can answer in a positive way.  

Add a budget of £5 per day for 7 days on each post 

See ours in action here: 

3. Pinterest - find pins that are linked to your products - We sell shampoo so we added boards about hair styles.. Each hair style links to either our website or a social media account we own. our Happy customer section works well.

4. Instagram - convert your account to a business account so you can boost your posts like you do on facebook.  Use Hash tags and tag celebrities to the photos if possible for extra free traffic

5. Shopify Google Shopping app - great app to link to your Google Adwords account - Helps your products come up top on Google 1st page.  Can cost a fortune so watch out daily.

6. Add Kit to your Shopify Site - search for the Kit App

Other apps we use at 

  • Refersion: Affiliate Tracking
  • Loyalty Reward Points by Sweet Tooth
  • Checkout Boost by Beeketing
  • Auto Currency Switcher
  • Retargeting on Autopilot by Shoelace
  • Kit Karts

Hope this Helps

Matt Waterman
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good stuff

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To boost discovery and conversion massively, you can try simple product videos for your product page. Videos rank higher in search and capture consumer attention as well.

Here is an example of a video that can be made in 5-10 minutes which explains your product in a much better way as compared to long text descriptions -

You can use this free online tool Rocketium to create videos in HD quality without the need of signing up or credit card. No coding or design skills required.