Guidance Required: Good Traffic Low Sales

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Hi :)


Your help and guidance are required to solve the low conversion issue. Let me state the store insights:


Category Beauty Brands


Conversion Rate 0.51%

Only Weekend Sales

No Sales on Weekdays

Bounce Rate: <40%

Daily Visitors 300-400


Traffic Sources

Interest-based targeting traffic with Engaged Shoppers Behavior

Landing Page:

No Single Conversion From Facebook

15-16 conversions made from Instagram



We are offering Free Shipping

Price Discounts

Trust Badges are there

Sales Pop-up & Scarcity Triggers

Live chat - Facebook


Store Launch Date: 14 Days Ago


Please help to resolve the issue.


Thanks & Regards,




Congratulations on the recent launch, and the good amount of traffic and conversions you've already had!


I think your website and the landing page you direct ad traffic to looks fine. One question though: how is your store different from all the other cosmetic stores out there? Cheaper prices? And/or something else? Making your unique value proposition clear to your users (on the website itself and on any marketing that you run) can only help users decide whether to purchase from you or some other alternative.


Outside of that, I'd be curious to learn more about your traffic sources, and how you communicate yourself in your marketing. First, are you only running Facebook ads? Is the Instagram traffic organic from your own Instagram posts (vs. promoted posts)? Are you doing Instagram Stories? If you're not already, one thing to think about is to do content marketing (e.g. with a blog) and improve SEO to drive more organic traffic from search engines. I haven't done much research about the cosmetics SEO landscape yet though so this isn't a strong recommendation, just something to consider.


Another interesting thing is that you've already gotten so many conversions through Instagram. Again, I'm not sure what content you're posting and how much but it seems to be working. Perhaps your audience there is targeted better, or they're more ready to purchase. Consider doubling down on your efforts here, and learning more about what kinds of posts seem to work best. 


Do you have Google Analytics set up? Setting up Conversion Goals there and using links with UTM parameters can really help you learn more about which traffic channels are working best for you and thus which ones to invest more in.


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Hi :)


Thank you for your valuable feedback.


We are offering free shipping and discounted prices which nobody else is giving at the moment.

Traffic is being generated from Instagram ads and we have short-listed 4-5 interests e.g. L'Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel & Revlon and narrowed them down with Engaged Shoppers Behavior. I am not sure if this is the right way but this works over the weekend at Instagram but no success at Facebook.


yes, Google Analytics is installed on showing a 40% bounce rate and goes down to 37% over the weekends.

For SEO we are using FavSEO for optimizing SEO.


Please do mention if we are missing anything in terms of targeting. we doubt about the interest targeting as the conversions are bit more expensive.



Thank you for the details! Good to know that you're running Instagram ads, and that they feel expensive.


First question: are you only selling your products on your Shopify store, or do you have sales and customers from other sources?


The reason I ask is that I'd recommend young businesses to avoid relying on paid ads to drive traffic. Paid ads are expensive: think about all the other larger companies and brands that you're competing with for ad space! They have a much larger budget. A young business is also less likely to have their brand and messaging figured out, so traffic from ads are even less likely to convert. Making content so that you get organic traffic will take more work in the short term, but it's a great investment over the long term as those pieces of content keep bringing in new visitors for free.


A general principle I have is to learn from the data that you already have what works and what doesn't. Did the customers that bought from you reach out to you at all, which might reveal what they care about? What content in your Instagram ad do you think convinced them to click through and ultimately buy? 


I'd recommend thinking more about three things:


  1. How can you communicate your brand and your unique value proposition better? You mentioned lower prices and free shipping as being things that differentiate you, which is a good start. What else might your audience care about? I imagine that even if someone cares about the affordability of their cosmetics, they'll still care about the quality, and that the cosmetics they're getting are authentic. If that's true, you'd want to make that front and center in your communication, and show your customers that you "get them". That's just one example, I'm sure you can come up with others! I also found your Instagram page, and it looks pretty good: you have a decent number of followers and are getting some engagement. You also have the tag line "Beauty for everyone", which I like as a mission statement of sorts. How can you elaborate on "Beauty for everyone", and make it more a part of your online identity (including Instagram profile + posts, website)?
  2. Next, after you decide on what you're going to communicate to your audience, you need to experiment with and implement different ways of how you communicate it. For example, experiment with using the "lowest prices, best quality" value proposition in your Instagram posts for a little bit: do you get more engagement as a result? Do you get more sales? What about improving your website copy? For example, right now when I visit the website, I only see "Award winning cosmetics" above the fold, and not anything about what you stand for and your unique value proposition. Use the space above the fold to better convince shoppers why they would want to buy from you vs. someone else! Could you write blog posts that give valuable information to readers, and have those blogs posts indexed by Google, have other places on the internet backlink to them, etc. to drive more organic traffic to your site that way? I actually see that you wrote some blog posts yesterday, so you're off to a good start. 
  3. I'm not sure what your ROI is on the paid Instagram ads right now though is (how much you pay per sale from Instagram vs. how much you make per sale), and I don't know what your Instagram Ads look like, but if you think it's worth trying to optimize those, you could try "targeting" your ads even further. What I mean by that is, for example, having one ad per cosmetic brand that targets only people interested in those brands. You could also try having one ad per specific (best selling) item, and target only users who are in the market for that item (not sure if Instagram lets you target like this). Targeting your ads more will likely make them cost more, but it could also increase the conversion rate and thus sales you get from those ads. 


Marketing success is all about experimenting with different ways of communicating with your audience, and doubling-down on what works best. 


Hope that helps!

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Thank you sir for your quality feedback and time. These are indeed very valuable suggestions and we would definitely implement these to achieve quality results :)


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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @urbanbeautypk,


Many stores seem to be facing the same issue - spending $$$ on paid ads to get traffic to their store - but they’re not seeing enough conversions from paid traffic. 


One thing to check is that the landing page you’re directing visitors to is what they’re expecting to see when they click on your advert. For example, if you’re promoting a particular product, make sure your URL points directly to that page. Or if you’re promoting a store-wide sale, make sure you’re pointing visitors to a specific landing page for those. Additionally, it helps if your store design looks great and is easy to navigate. And that your store loads quickly. (No-one likes a slow-loading website!).


One thing you might not have considered is trying to reuse your paid traffic by retargeting visitors with a welcome greeting, promo campaign or abandoned carts campaign. 


In the case of abandoned carts, you can set up a flow of messages to be triggered automatically whenever a would-be shopper leaves an item in their cart, either through web push notifications, SMS or email. For best results, it’s a good idea to combine all three channels (an omnichannel approach) - that way you have more chance of reaching people and attracting their attention. To start with, try push notifications, as these provide the cheapest way of retargeting visitors. You can then use other channels afterwards if you don’t get the results you want.


Push notifications offer the excellent advantage of being able to track abandoned carts without your subscribers having to leave their email address or phone number at checkout. This means they can capture a larger proportion of abandoned carts, compared to SMS and email. Here’s an example of how this could work:

Abandoned cart strategy by Firepush.jpg

Imagine someone visits your store by clicking on your paid advert. Once on your store website, they sign up to receive web push notifications. (This is something you can set up with an app like Firepush; it actually has all three channels in the one app and enables you to set up campaigns from a single dashboard.) So that person browses your site and adds an item to their cart before clicking away. If you’ve created a flow of automated abandoned cart campaigns, these will be triggered automatically. That person then receives an alert through their web browser which they’ll see on their phone or desktop device, perhaps with a time-limited discount code to tempt them to continue through to checkout. 


This is how you can make use of your paid traffic so that it works more in your favor and actually helps visitors to become customers.

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Thank you so much