HELP! Dynamic remarketing on AdWords just wont work!

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As the headline descripes, I just can't seem to get dynamic remarketing to work. I am pretty sure it is because I am using the Shopify Google Shopping App as my product feed. I have found some guides on how this could work, but none of it is. 

My code is taken from this guide:

My tag manager says this: Tag Paramater object could not be parsed.

And in my AdWords account in "shared library" > Audience > tag information it says this: "the customized parameter "ecomm_prodid" wasnt found". 

Anyone hwo can help me, or has any suggestions on how this can be solved?
I have been in contact with both Google and Shopify and they couldn't get it to work. 


Thanks in advantage!
- Nicolai

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Hi Nicolia, 

Andrew from ShoppingFeeder here :-)

We've got a number of merchants using ShoppingFeeder to power their Google Dynamic Remarketing. Here is a tutorial on how to insert the Google Dynamic Remarketing with ShoppingFeeder Tag:

You can just copy and paste the code into your liquid files and replace the two XXXXXX's with your Adwords conversion ID 

If you run into any issues we'll be happy to help.

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Alright, thanks. 
We will consider that, if we dont find a solution to this problem :)

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Hi Nicolai,

If you still haven't gotten this to work, here is how I set it up Dynamic Remarketing for all the Shopify sites I work with:

It's failrly simple, and I keep the code updated in GitHub. 

Let me know if any questions or problems with implementing this.

Good luck!


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