HELP! Instagram and FB Ads...not sure what to do?

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Started an ad campaign this 600+ likes and counting on IG through the engagement campaign, $.02 price per engagement...

Is this good, should I start a conversion campaign with this same Demographic...need a path forward, have no sales so far... 

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Looks pretty good to me. Keep in mind that engagement will not immediately convert to sales. Build your fan base, relate to them, and they will buy. You should go with the conversion campaign.

Also, make sure to index your website with popular search engines so it will show up higher in search results. You can do this for free here -->

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Hey Victoria,

Things are still new for Sundazed Apparel so you want to build your brand on IG and Facebook with great images.

The bathing suit market is super competitive, but the good news is there are tons of influencers in the space that are priced fairly enough for you to reach out to and advetise through them


To your success,

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