HELP! Vanished from Google Search overnight!


My site was ranking on page 1 for several search terms for years, 

Example : "Wildfox" - we were on page 1 for this >>

Last month we changed our theme to Testemant & we also changed our domain from to - all traffic has been redirected however 

Could anyone help as to why you think we may have vanished?

Or provide any tips?

Please no one try and sell me SEO services on here - not interested thanks!


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I'd start by looking into the Google Search Consoles for both old and new sites.

Look for errors ormessages.

Analyse the Search Analytics report. It should show the old site lose imprerssions while the new one gains. If not, dig deeper to see what did not recover. Was it specific pages, search terms, countries, devices that lost out.

You state that you monitor several search terms that you have lost ranking for. Analyse them in the Search Analytics report in the same way. 

Maybe you lost ranking in the UK due to your move to a .com that is nothosted in the UK.

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Would that affect it? Not having a ? Even with all the traffic being redirected?

Im thinking if it is the case, I may better switch back to the domain