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So my partner and I are at the point where we don't know where else to turn. We have spend quite a bit of money on facebook ad's, done numerous videos, posted on blogs, and social media for a couple months now. We have taken advice to change our home page to be more product based. We have tried to make it easier for people to navigate through our website. We have talked more about our products and how it will benefit people to live healthier and engage in their communities. We have lots of feedback on how people like our products while others don't which I'm sure many companies struggle with. We have thought about doing a video on our products and had advice to try it but if our product changes or improves we will have to go back and redo the video which can get time consuming. Any advice? We are driven but we are about to drive off the road and cut our losses if we don't get any sales other than from our family and friends. Our products and what we represent mean a lot to us which is why we don't want to give up but we are broke! We both will be starting jobs in a few weeks which is going to cut our time to spend on our business down immensely. We know people can relate to these products and what we stand for but we just aren't pulling in the traffic and sales like we were hoping by now. What else are we doing wrong? The link to our website is and you can find our facebook and instagram icons at the bottom!

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Hi Elle,

Your website and business ideas are great - I remember you asked for a feedback few weeks ago and received some valuable advice - I'm glad to hear you've been working on your website, yet consider focusing on the conversion first and foremost, if you want to engage with the visitors. 

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