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This is my second Shopify store and i am hitting the same wall 

there is traffic and no Sales 

i tried every thing but no luck 

if there is any advice you can give me please go a head 

my shop is 


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Hey Mike,

I looked at your website and seems like you are selling something very specific. This has it's own sets of pros and cons. 
Good thing is you can market very easily as you are selling something which is not that common. But the hard part is you have to find out the people who might be interested in what you are selling.

Instagram may be the channel where you can find just the right people. I visited your instagram and observed that frequency of your posts is not as it must be. You must be posting atleast once a day. Also, rather than posting just the product photos you can share pictures of people actually using that product. To be more engaging you should follow 80:20 rule of social media marketing according to which 80% of your posts should be educational and entertaining catering to your target group's interest while only 20% should be directly promoting your products. If you only put promotional posts it would seem spammy so this balance helps you mantain your engagement.

To be successful on Instagram it is extremely important to get your hashtags right. Orangetwig's Hashtag research tool helps you in finding the most suitable hashtags. Also, check this article to learn about building visual themes for your profile. 

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Hope this helps 

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