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Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my post.

My website is

I really want to increase the amount of traffic I get. At the moment my strategy for traffic is 95% Instagram by using the Instagram account, we have about 4.25K followers and post about 4 times a day to try promote ourselves.. we're getting around 40 hits a day at the moment. 

I really like Instagram because I feel like it's a very organic platform, I see it growing to 100K+ followers and bringing a lot of business in.

But I want to start exploring more opportunities for traffic, if it bring in business and doesn't make me lose money I'll go for it! Any ideas? 

(We also have a Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook .. but they're not growing fast at all because I do neglect them quite a bit)

THANK YOU for your help. :)

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Hi Sunil, 

That's a good number :) Instagram is definitely a brilliant channel to reach a targeted audience. With the right hashtags and consistent posting, you can continue growing your audience at this pace. But researching hashtags and getting the most relevant ones (after Instagram's shadowban, it's best to not use spammy hashtags) can take a lot of time.

Why don't you try OrangeTwig Hashtag Research tool? Using this, you can get the most relevant and targeted hashtags in no time. It's known to help ecommerce sellers grow their following. 

I noticed one more thing - currently, the link in your bio clicks through to one of your products. Of course, Instagram has a one-link policy. How would you like to make all your product posts clickable? With OrangeTwig, you can make all your Instagram posts clickable. No more linking just one item. It's fantastic for conversions. Customers won't have to spend time looking for the product they clicked on.  

You mentioned that you are present on other social channels, but are not able to spend time on them, since most of your time goes on growing your presence on Instagram. I honestly think OrangeTwig can be of great use to you. Not only will it save you a lot of your time spent on Instagram, you'll also be able to post automatically on your other channels. 

In addition to posting, you'll be able to promote your coupons, create sales on your products automatically and a lot more. 

Essentially after OrangeTwig, you won't be spending too much time on your social media marketing. 

I hope this helps. Happy Marketing :)

- Akanksha
Shopify Partner
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Hey Sunil,

One reason for your instagram success is because the algorithm still shows a lot of the posts to all your followers and makes it easy for people to find your posts if they search your hashtags. It's all mainly chronological. 

Facebook is a bit harder because it's all engagement based and only shows ads that they think will be relevant for a bit organically, and then forces you to pay to get more people. That said, paid posts work very well. And video is pretty dominant on Facebook. I would start posting gaming videos, reviews and even streaming live and then promoting that to audiences that are closely aligned with your brand.

Another obvious way to get more traffic is Youtube & Twitch. You're experience is in gaming products, so you can start your own channels or collaborate with gamers on the platform.

Good luck!

Luis Morales -

Shopify Partner
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Hi Sunil,

Are you doing email marketing on your shop. This is probably the esiest way to increase your sales by 10% or even more.

you could do campaigns like: -

1. Pop-up Form

Embed a pop-up form on your site to grow your list and sell more stuff.

2. Abandoned Cart Email

Encourage customers to complete their purchase if they leave items in their cart. you can offer discounts

3. Product Retargeting Email

Encourage customers to purchase an item they viewed on your site, or products related to what they already bought

if you need help with this you can contact me at

Good luck