Has anyone tried using Google web stories to drive traffic?

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I'd be interested to hear any experiences, successes, or failures with trying to leverage Google's new web stories (https://stories.google/) format to drive eCommerce traffic. With it being so new, this could very well be a powerful SEO technique to get in front of, as well as a way to be featured across Google's new Discover feature that they're pushing.

While Google's ability to manipulate the web from their control of SEO ranking factors is a whole controversial thing, I do at least see the necessities in direction they've taken around recognizing that the web is moving mobile-first, and that engaging content should be rewarded first and foremost. Their web stories could be a nice tool to help an eCommerce store stand out from the crowd and create more of an emotional connection with your customers, hopefully driving a higher conversion rate as well.

If anybody has tried implementing anything in this realm, I'd love to chat further in the comments or dms. Also if anybody would be interested to, I'm an app developer, and perhaps we could work together on figuring out how to test some of these things out directly for your store, and see if we can move the needle for you.


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Nope haven't seen this used yet in ecom. I have a little experience with getting some blog content featured in Discovery, but yet to see how this plays out, following.

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