Have you ever hired an SEO expert?

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I used to manage the efforts of a wedding and event decorations ecommerce store and found it frustrating to work with SEO experts primarily because they'd charge a lot to create lists of recommendations that we had no internal resources to implement. A lot of their suggestions were also things that we already knew we needed to do, but just had no time to get done. I looked into hiring an SEO agency that would actually do the work they recommended needed to be done, but they were pretty outrageously expensive and had a lengthy contract. So that became out of the question for us.

I'm on the other side of the equation now working on a team that has a great DIY SEO tool (www.canirank.com) that analyzes your site in relation to your competitors and provides recommendations of how to efficiently perform the SEO tasks that need to be done on your site. There's also an "agency" component available with marketing specialists who get those tasks done for you if you don't have the manpower or time.

If you do end up hiring an SEO consultant or agency, hold them accountable for results and insist upon transparency! It's definitely an industry prone to smoke and mirrors, but there are some honest and effective individuals and companies in the space.

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I used the SEO Manager app and did it myself.  It's really easy to use and is great for tracking down all the redirects I needed from my migration.

Why not try it at least to do the basics, like straigtening out and alighing your target keywords, title tags, meta description, alt tags - and then you can do an SEO scan by page.

I've also subscribed to MOZ, just to track some of this stuff.  

Anyway, it seemed that most of the SEO services I looked at were going to do just that...start with the basics.  It does take some time depending on how large your site is, but doing it properly involves some judgement on keywords, etc. that you have (or should have) - not someone who isn't intimately familiar with your business.

It seems technical, but the basics aren't - just tedious.  Good luck.


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Hi Brad, 


The best thing that I would recommend is to initially do an SEO site audit. This will give you an overview of your site from an SEO perspective, any Google search engine algorithm changes that might impact your site over time (we use MOZ), along with some of the main keywords that customers are currently finding your site by. If you want, I can run one for you. It takes me about 5 minutes to prepare a sweep of your site. Just PM me here in the forum and I will send you one. That way you can at least make sense of your site's current SEO.


Many merchants like SEO as a form of marketing their site to the search engines as it has a 14-20% conversion rate as an industry average. PPC / Google Ads you are looking more at a 1-3% conversion rate as the industry average. SEO is also a source of inbound marketing. The conversion rate is much higher on SEO because merchants are organically searching the web and finding your site and products by themselves with no pressure. When a merchant runs Google Ads, 80% of the searches will go to organic, and 20% of customers might prefer an ad. Customers that might prefer an ad might be in a hurry (ie: locksmith services, plumber, event planning, etc). So make sure to optimize based on user intent when choosing a marketing medium. 



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Hi there,

Search Engine Optimization, which is also known as SEO, is the designing web content process that maximizes its visibility in the organic search results of popular search engines. As a result, it will make a helpful contribution to most businesses’ marketing strategies. 

With so many companies and individuals nowadays who have mastered the art of Shopify and become the Shopify Experts and they will be the person to assist you in dealing with these demanding tasks like migrating your store from another platform or creating a new e-commerce site from scratch.

In order to know how to choose the right Shopify SEO expert for your eCommerce store, read this post: https://avada.io/shopify/docs/shopify-seo-experts.html

I'm Jason Dao, Manager of Research & Development Department at Avada Ecommerce.
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I did not hire any SEO experts yet (Because I am an SEO executive :)) ). But I think you should hire a SEO expert if you do not know well about How to SEO for your Shopify store. Below are 5 good Shopify SEO experts you should try: 

Outer Box Design
Outer Box Design has over 15-year experience in SEO experts focusing on Shopify SEO services that drive higher rankings, traffic and sales.

The agency is really confident in SEO strategies and techniques in eCommerce search marketing to satisfy its customers’ marketing goals. When you come to Outer Box Design, your SEO campaign will include these important services, such as eCommerce keyword research, Technical Shopify website changes, Shopify speed optimization, Ongoing content plan, Link profile management and so many more. So, consider yourself this powerful service for your Shopify store.
Profit Addiction
Profit Addiction is known as a Shopify SEO company to be most effective at helping all brands online. It provides SEO services that are needed to understand how the search engines rank on websites. By doing this, you will get the extend beyond a specific industry or niche and instead cover a variety of areas.

When it comes to Profit Addiction, you will be served a bunches of services including Detailed keyword research, Technical SEO research and implementation, Shopify site speed improvements, Comprehensive link analysis, SEO reporting and so on. Visit the original website careful to decide.
Store Tasker
Store Tasker is known as the first place in outsource design, development and marketing project or Browse the Marketplace. It is a powerful tool as being partnered with the leading Shopify app and theme companies, which would be excellent to work with.

With Store Tasker, you will meet the Handpicked Experts with hassle-free setup and simple project management from start to finish, also Safe Escrow Payments with keeping payment service in escrow until the project is approved, then you absolutely will get your Satisfaction guaranteed when your projects will be completed on time with utmost quality by Store Tasker experts.
Electric Eye
Electric Eye is a boutique agency that focus on helping brands grow their online sales. They are certified to be the Shopify Experts who provide well-designed, data-driven solutions, allow clients to worry less about technology, and focus on running their business. For more information, visit the original website to understand more about Shopify SEO Experts in general and Electric Eye in particular.

For details, you read here.

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