Healthy traffic, but no conversions. Any advice?

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Cool shop! Thanks for posting.


We hear a lot of clients with your similar complaint, and here's our advice.


When you're new to the ecommerce game, your ads might pull in some clicks that don’t represent your ideal customer. But their interest in your ad and your product will often signal enough of a similarity to make them worth learning from. If you leave no lead unlearned, you can use that traffic to supplement your data, and arrive at your goal more quickly.


We just blogged about this issue today, if you're interested in learning more:


Good luck and happy selling ;)

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Your niche is amazing and your store looks neat and classy.

As you said, you are getting healthy traffic and not getting a desired rate of conversion. I have no clue regarding your current bounce rate. A bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average. If you having the bounce rate above 55%, you really need to consider reducing it.


Since you have already stated you are having healthy traffic, I am not going into that area. The other reason may be because of your store visitors are not engaged enough amount of time on your products and product pages. Product recommendation is a good option to improve this, and you have used "Related products" feature already on your product page. The products shown in the related products section are not exclusively based on the user's liking, it is based on the type of products the user is browsing.


The kind of products you are selling is fashion and it is completely being purchased based on its style, shapes, and color, so better trying"similar products" feature on your product page, this feature suggests similar looking products from your catalog to your customers, which will help you increase customer interests to browse more products since the recommended products are closer as per their likings and imaginations.


There are many apps in the Shopify app store, you can try any. I had a personal experience with an app called "Upsell with AI Recommendations", This AI driven app recommending similar looking products with an accuracy rate of 99%. It has helped stores to increase the average time spent up to 25% and added 5% to 7% extra to their current conversion rate. You can also try it. It also has a feature to upsell products, it helps you ensure an average cart value each time when a customer checks out.


good luck :)

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