Help, Cannot seem to make a single sale.

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Ok so my partner and I have just started up an E-commerce store last week selling clothing for men and women, We have been advertising through FB, Google and Instagram yet we cant seem to make one sale, I have tinkered around with different spendatures on different ads from $5 a day to $30 a day and all we receive is like and clicks that end without a sale. Please help. My site is

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Are people Signing up for the newsletter? Have considered a pop-up newsletter? Maybe try and capture the people's email address as they come to the store so you can remarket to them and remind them to come back to the shop... Also you can then email them directly and ask them why they didn't buy... Also consider changing the logo doesn't quite nicely fit the grey theme especially the grey background...

I really what you selling tho...

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@DevonThomas If you had visited his website, you would've known he uses a popup...

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er.... how did I describe your logo without seeing your site???

but yes sorry your right there is a pop up... forgive me for being human

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anyway...Are people Signing up for the newsletter?

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First thing first - which of these is your problem: 

  1. You're not getting enough traffic - no sales
  2. You're getting traffic, but it isn't converting - no sales 

I know there is no such thing as enough traffic, but with conversion rates of, usually, around 1-3%, if you're getting only about 50 people a day to your website, there isn't much to convert. If this is the case then you need to first drive people to your website. 

However, if you're getting, say, around 1000 people to your website everyday and they are not converting, then you need to fix things on your website. 

I am going to address the second one first: 

Your website

Here are few things that I observed: 

1. Pop up: in your pop-up, you're asking people to sign up for updates. But they don't know anything about you at that time, since the pop-up opens immediately, to really make a decision whether they'd like your updates or not. However, everone wants to know of discounts. So I think a better ask would be to sign up to get latest discounts and coupons. 

I noticed that you do have a subscribe for discounts and offers box, but that's at the end. And it's possible customers won't scroll till the end.

2. Product descriptions: product description work as a salesman. They have so scream why your product. I noticed that you've used the same description for all your products. Here's an article that covers what all you should include in your description: Descriptions that sell more

3. About Us: there is no information about you. Who are you? Why did you start? What do you want to achieve? Your customers don't know you. The About Us page is one of the most visited pags on a website. Which is why having one is a must. Take a look at this article for tips: Brilliant About Us page

4. I am in India and at some places the price was in Rupees, whereas at the other places, it was in Dollars. That's a little confusing too. It's absolutely fine if you let is stay in Dollars, as long as it is consistent throughout the website. 

Low traffic

1. Social media: You're currently marketing on Facebook and Instagram. You have a Free Shipping coupon and a sale going on. I'd suggest that you use OrangeTwig to promote your discounts. With OrangeTwig, you'll be able to schedule your discounts and sale posts in professionally designed layouts. So you'll save time spent on designing and actually posting. Here are some layouts: 

You can give OrangeTwig a try for FREE from here: OrangeTwig. No credit card required, no committment. 


Although Instagram has one of the highest engaged audience, only one clickable link is a limitation. So make your posts clickable. Here's how: Clickable Post 

After Shadowban, it's extremely important to use a combination of hashtags in your posts. Give Hashtag Research tool a try. You'll get a combination of high frequency and niche hashtags. Here's how you can do that: Hashtag Research 

Also, engaging with your potential customers is super-important too. I know you're busy and it can seem very daunting to do this. However, there's a quick and easy way. Check out this tool: Insta-Comment

2. Paid Ads: returning customers spend longer on a website and convert better. That's why retargeting is extremely important. I see that youve already placed a pixel on your website. Group people based on the pages that they've visited and show them targeted ads. For instance, if someone came to your products page, show them New Arrivals and Best Sellers. For people who left from the checkout page, show them a Free Shipping Ad or a Discount Ad. 

But for retargeting to work, you will have to focus on continuously driving traffic to your page. You can use Social Media for that. 

I hope this helps!

- Karan 

P.S: If you have more questions, you can ask them in the Seller Success Facebook group. 


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Hi Will and Emily,

I have seen many people who spent a lot of money on Facebook ads and Google ads but still got no sale. Please keep in mind that the most important thing is not just about getting traffics but getting high-quality traffic.

I would recommend you to take some time to overview all your ad campaigns, try to get some more valuable insights about your target audiences, what do they like, what is attractive to them, what price range is affordable, etc. You can narrow down the target, maybe start from something small and simple, do the test, a lot of it and let the statistics decide what to do next. Data-driven would be much better.

Also, I suggest you create different landing pages for your marketing campaigns. This way, it is easier to have a message that matches your ad target and also it is much easier to optimize conversion rate a page than a whole website. You can try this PageFly landing page builder, it helps you create pages in no time with the drag and drop systems. Moreover, it has a built-in analytics dashboard so maybe you don't have to struggle with the Google Analytics and other complex statistics apps anymore :)


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I think you've already gotten some great replies but I'll go ahead and add my 2 cents.

First and foremost I think your site design is quite basic and feels very impersonal.

Like someone said above - who are you and why are you in this? Have you been to festivals yourself lately? Try adding some stories. Stories sell.

You're also using the same descriptions for all your products. This is too basic.

I think you're going to have to put in a lot more work on your actual website before starting to target users on ad networks. Good luck with your future sales!

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Hi, Will and Emily Hammond

I have checked your site and here are some notes for you:

1. Make the homepage outstanding

You can have a look at Zalora - the biggest Fashion eCommerce site in Asia to see how they set up their homepage.

- There always a big hero banner on top, which shows the most featured item. Hero banner in an online Fashion store is as important as the show window in an offline Fashion store. There should be a button on the banner, so people can take action right away

- After that, there will be a "recommended-for-you" item section, then weekly highlight, and top category section come the last. Think about it like a funnel, if people skip the most feature item (on the banner), they will see a few other feature items. If skip also, they will see weekly highlight and top categories

- Weekly highlight blog, in my opinion, is one of the most exciting elements. Selling Fashion is selling trend and style, so that, a styling blog is so valuable for SEO, brand, and traffic

Normally, a theme does not support these features, but you can add them using a page builder. I use PageFly Page Builder to build my site. About 25 elements, quite flexible.

2. Product page should be focused

To increase conversion/sale. It is essential that you focus on the product page. I have carried out a research and see that most of Shopify merchant pull traffic to the product pages. I think your product page is not strong enough to persuade people to buy

When shopping online, people are fearful of a lot of things. They fear of being deceived or receive a product that they do not actually like it. So you should add some elements to remove that fear

  • Add some testimonial, customers review to show that other people also like it
  • Add some trust badge to increase your trustworthy
  • Add a link to shipping & return policy pages. So people will know that they can return if the product is not as expected

You can also add some elements that push people to buy. For example, for the discount or most feature items:

  • Add a countdown clock to indicate that discount time is running out
  • Add a running-out-of-stock for feature/discount items

Customer may feel that the item is not really suitable when taking a closer look. You can add "Similar item" section and "People-also-like item" section to avoid customer from dropping out of your site. Take a look at how Zalora does:

You can also add these section using the PageFly app I mentioned above. PageFly can build any page (Homepage, product page, blog page, funnel page...). The cost is really low so I think it can be a good start for you.

Hope it helps ;)

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a must have that every store need to have is something to push people to complete the order, alot of people doesn't have some mechanism in place so their stats look like view product 1k,  add to cart 400
reach checkout 200 purchase 30, sound this familiar? basicly alot of people leaving the website the most crushial time (when it's time to pay), something stop them maybe price or shipping, of course there are some apps that give coupons but most of them suck because 1 they give the coupon to early, 2 some apps require to change the link which is bad if you do advertising (essentially you need to change the adset link) now there is a killer app that convert more people on the spot you can find more at