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Hello Marketers,

I'm in the final steps of officially publishing my store, but there are few things that I can't find answers for. I hope to find my answers here :)

  1. How can I add universal comments in all of my products? For example, I want to add the following:
    1.  FREE worldwide shipping.
    2.  30 days MONEY BACK guarantee.
  2. Can I add a popup signup form if I want to advertise on Facebook?
  3. I want to build the main page that is very simple and friendly for Facebook. Any tutorials about building the 'perfect' landing page? 

Thanks! :)

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Hi Ali! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)


I can help you with adding a Free worldwide shipping in your Shopify admin.

In order to do it, please go to Settings > Shipping

Untitled design-68.png

Under Shipping Zones, add a new zone and assign values.


Untitled design-70.png


Give your shipping zone a name ‘Worldwide Shipping’, and select all the countries you want to ship to.

Next, click ‘Add Rate’ next to Price based rates to assign a free shipping value on all worldwide orders.

Untitled design-71.png

Name your new Shipping rate ‘Free shipping’ and tick the Free shipping rate box.

Screen Shot 2560-09-07 at 1.28.16 PM.png

Click Done and Save the settings. This is how you add free shipping on all worldwide orders.

Hope it helps!


Maggie Tuczapska

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Thanks, Rock Paper Copy. This way a huge help :) 

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As Rocker Paper Solved your first problem here are the solves for rest of them.

1. Yes you can definetly add pop up if you will advert on Facebook but do it in a tricky way. Don't show the pop up immediately , show that in a little delay, you can also add exit intent pop up.


2. The best way to make landing page is using leadpage or clickfunnel and integrate with Shopify. Both company has tutorials on that to make pop up, they have also ready to go template to building that right way.


Ash Ome

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