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Hi Kaden! I took a look at your instagram, and I think there is a large disconnect between your instagram and your website/goal. Your instagram doesn't register as a promotional tool with the intention of selling clothes and accessories, so I think advertising on Instagram has not been beneficial for you because of this disconnect. The goal of instagram is to build a branded experience that people like. It's less see-item-buy-item, and more see brand, follow brand, like brand's content for a while, then buy some products from brand. But it definitely works! There are three ways to approach Instagram marketing in my experience:

1) Getting your instagram content on point: to me, the first step should be improving your instagram. I would change your bio immediately, as all of the "travel" references are extremely confusing. Instead, I would say something like "Wanderlust-Inspired Jewelry and Accessories" and the link to your website. Then, I would change the content you're posting. All of the photos are of beaches. You're not selling beaches, though. You're selling accessories and jewelery. An inspirational beachy photo now and then is great, but it should be every other post at the MOST, and ideally more like every fourth or fifth post. The bulk of your images should be pics of the products you sell, either on influencers you have gifted or pics you have taken of the products like how Ghost Longboards was mentioning. It's smarter to invest in samples of a few of the products you are selling than in advertising, so you can take pics of the products you have in-shop to populate your page. Literally taking a picture of a hat outside in nice sunlight on the sidewalk will get you better results. It doesn't have to be fancy.

2) Influencer gifting: there are two goals of influencer gifting, which are to drive people to your page to get more followers, and to get nice photos of people in your products that you can post on your page. There won't be an immediate purchase as a result of seeing an influencer in an item. It's more about using them to build your brand experience and make your insta look nice, and to let people know you exist. I would find your cheapest two or three items, and then gift it to as many people as you can -- like, 10-20. Then, you should have a lot of photos to post on your instagram, and lots of people talking about your brand. Pro-tip: ask them to tag your Insta in the caption of the photo in addition to in the actual tag of the photo. Their followers will see it in the caption more easily and you'll get more followers. Advertising works based on repitition, so the more your followers see products on your page, the more likely they will be to buy it, and the more people see your brand name being mentioned around instagram, the more likely they will be to follow you and buy things.

3) Instagram advertising: if you do the above correctly, you won't need to post ads. However, if you do post ads, set low budgets for them, and make sure you're posting content that makes sense, showcases your products, and makes people want to follow you (not just random pictures of beaches with captions about travelling). Wait until you have a photo on your Insta that has performed pretty well, maybe a photo of an influencer in a piece, and then use that as your ad photo.

I hope this info is helpful about how to use Instagram! Good luck!

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$25 is A LOT of money to only get a post on for 8 hours. I've learned a lot about Instagram shoutouts from an entrepreneur on YouTube named Hayden Bowles. Here's the link. He has dozens of videos on without priceless drop shipping information that I think would help ya out.

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Hi Jade

There were good advises, but I follow most of them and after 2 month I don't have even 1 add to cart!

How can I get some feedback or advise!?

my site is




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Nice site Madeline.

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Why does so many people mention Google Ads and not Bing or other cost effective search engines? If anyone has the time, may they critique/help me with my website ( Insta: @romansxiisurvival )? Thanks in advance!

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Hi there,

I am a freelancer that can certainly do Facebook/Instagram Ads.

Flick me an email

and let me know what exactly it is you are after and we can go from there.




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We had an influencer with 36K in followers and he typically gets 1800 likes per post with about 100 comments.  We put several different products with the influencer for about 6 weeks.  The influencer tagged us or brefly mentioned us but no real overt efforts to push sales.  Then we did a promo with the influencer with a product timed around a HUGE event which most of the influencers followers would be engaged with.  The post got more than 2000 likes and 99 comments, all super positive.  In the sales off of 73 links to the landing page.

I find it really hard to get conversion on influencer marketing.  At least trackable conversion.  Unlike  Facebook where a viewer can link directly into a website, product page, blog post...Instagram makes it difficult for potential customers to link through an influencer's post to your desired location. 

Does anyone have suggestions on how to shorten the process of "click link in bio"?


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This is great advice! Some awesome tips here to keep in mind. Thanks!

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Hey Jade! 

Is there a way I can reach you to have you look into my site as well? 



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Hi Kaden,

I think the most effective strategy with Instagram ads is giveaway contests. I've seen it work for a number of small retailers. It goes something like this:

  • Advertise you're giving away a number of products (depending on the value of the product, the more expensive, the fewer products you give away)
  • The rules of the contest would be:
  1. Follow our page
  2. Like this post
  3. Tag 3 friends in a comment

The giveaway itself won't drive many sales (if any). What it will do is create a custom Facebook audience that you can later target with ads.

By the way, your photos look great, but if you ever need to edit your supplier's photos, Pixc can give you a hand or two with their Shopify app (your first 5 photos are free!)

Let me know if you have any more questions. I'd be happy to help :)

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