Help on Facebook Pixel / Product Feed Content_ID Mapping

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Hi all - pulling my hair out on a Facebook feed issue.  I have tried to set up a product feed from Shopify to Facebook multiple ways (e.g. Facebook marketing, Flexify, etc.).  In all cases, the Shopify product number/content_ID is showing up as a Item Group ID in the Facebook Product Catalog, while the Content ID in the catalog is some other unknown number.

The net effect of this is that the Content_ID that my Facebook pixel is returning to Facebook is not matching any of the products in the catalog.  I want to use dynamic ads but I can't while this error exists.  

Searching the web, it seems this is a pretty common problem, but I haven't seen an working solutions.  Does anyone know how to get the correct Content IDs into the Facebook catalog so the products match up?  My only fallback now is manual input which I really want to avoid.  Thanks!