Help with redirect question

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 Several months ago I started my store on Shopify at selling vintage jewelry. When each piece is sold since I only have one of it I started a new section in my shop to archive the pieces sold and I have done a redirct for each piece to the new section and removed it from the original category page.

 My question is on an item that is being returned for a refund. How do I handle this and move it back to the category it was in and remove it from the archive page. Do I need to do a new redirect back to the original page or do I just move it and remove the original redirect from my list of redirects.

 The item in question was a vintage pendant and it was in my pendants section. I removed the pendants section from the listing and replaced it with the archive section and did the redirect to the new page.

 My thinking is I need to do a new redirect back to the original section but I want to make sure I do not do something that can hurt me on the search engines.

 Thanks for any help you can offer.