Helppppp how come no one is on my website?

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 I own we are a designer swimwear and activewear boutique. I started off as only an online store in Sepetember 2014 and now as of February 2016 we have a brick and motor location. When we were only an online store I had a company which I was paying for "keywords" a total of $600 a month. Which was great because our website was receiving lots of "vistors" which meant more possiblities of sales.

However, ever since I established my brick and motor business I have stopped advertising with the company because now I have more overhead, rent, libility inisurance, light, water, etc, when before I was running out of my garage and had barely no overhead. In the last 10 months I have not paid for any online adversting as I just do not have the budget like I did before, but theres days I only get 9 "vistors" on my website and have almost no online sales what so ever. Can someone please help me guilding me on another option to get hits on my website without me having to pay $600 for 2 or 3 keywords? I would greatly appericate it, I am struggling to pay all of our overhead and would love for our online store to be successful again.

Thank you!


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Hi Andrea,

I don't think you should spend money on advertising yet. Do the ground work first. Who's your niche target market? 

To figure that out who your clients are there's no substitute for getting out there and hustling about. Make a list of all possible target markets, which could be: "Affluent teenares olds that are into a particular brand" or "Adult gamers in the US" or "Middle class moms of teenagers", "20-30 olds with Peter Pan complex". Make a list of 10, 15 plausible target markets that could be relevant. Be specific. Then brainstorm ways to reach them. 

As an example, this is what I'm doing here on the Shopify forum. I want to promote my blog posts, but growing traffic from zero isn't easy. I could just start dumping money on advertising, but it's much more worthwhile (even though it's a lot more work) to come here and be helpful to the people like yourself, which I identified to be in my target market. 

You're in Validation Phase now. Which means you need to find a market for your product before you start spending in advertising. 

I'll be running a webinar next week about which phases you go through and how should you measure progress. I think it would be interesting for you: How to Use Data to Grow Sales to Your Store.

Hope to see you there!

Ramon Bez
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