Hi guys pretty new to starting my own website and going to use apps for it. Wanted some input from exp. Thank you! :)

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So here are the apps I want to use for my website. I been doing research for the last 2 years secretly reading these forums here on shopify. But I haven't been reading them in the last 10 months or so been really busy with ebay. I was going to sell on amazon but I'm just really sick of ebay rules, and amazon changes that are happening before I even get there. I would like some freedom and not rely on 3rd party to earn my money. As I've had a friend making $10k a month who got banned on ebay for no reason. This can happen to anyone at any time. And the poor guy was selling on there for 10+ years with huge volume. It's pretty sad so it got scary and forced me in a way to work harder and finish up my website. These are the ones I've written down over the time frame from my research and reading. I was wondering what was your input on these apps? And what kind of apps would be way cooler maybe that are out there or up to date? 

Thank you in advance, sorry for sounding like a noob here. 

1. mailchimp - https://apps.shopify.com/chimpified Great for keeping an email list of all customers.

2.  bulk discounts  - FREE https://apps.shopify.com/bulk-discounts This would be for giving out coupon codes to get repeat customers/buyers to return back to me. As my product is something they would use and come back for more.

3. exit offers - $9.99 a month https://apps.shopify.com/sticky-exit-offers?utm_source=appsforgurus&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Gur... This is for those who on the last minute don't want it no more because of the price being to high so offering maybe 15% to 25% discount would help them finish up the order.

4. social autopilot - FREE (don't need) https://apps.shopify.com/social-triggers This one I will only be on facebook, and instagram mostly. I won't be doing all of them but will get a group for each social media website depending on some who only like to use twitter so it's good to keep in touch with our customers. But this one I'm still wondering about. Such as offering coupon codes during the weekends to drive sales from our online store.
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5. coupon pop - $9.99 a month https://apps.shopify.com/coupon-pop  Now this one not really sure if it will get customers to join a social media website or enter an email so we can tell them of our special offers. I seen they had different types of systems for it. So I'll be testing these out. 

6. AddThis Sharing Tool - FREE https://apps.shopify.com/addthis-sharing-tool This one looks really amazing because not only that but it will show stats of shared, clicks etc. 


Once again thank you! David. :) 

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Hi David

Sad to hear this :(

3. and 5. You can solve both problems using one app. It is called Segment.ly and it is free if you don't mind the branding or only $9 per month. Btw it supports Mailchimp so you don't waste time on exporting and importing emails.

6. Consider our SocialShopWave app if you want not only social sharing with tracking but also more social apps: social login, wishlists, etc.

Hope it helps.

Cheers, Eldar

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No worries. :) 


Thank you on the Segment.ly and SocialShopWave app I'll research both. 

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We have created an absolutely FREE Shopify App called Market Insights. This is an analytics tool, which allows you to compare your site's performance to other sites within the same online retail segment. How do we do that? With what is called second-party data and being part of a data co-op - which is explained here in this blog post.

We've had 195 installs in the first 3 months.

Try it out and see what you think...

All the best.

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Hi David,

The apps you listed are really good. There are multiple apps on the Shopify app store which offer almost similar features but you can try them and see the results for some time. 

Check a list of good apps here on this blog post as well: https://www.expertvillagemedia.com/top-7-shopify-apps-to-increase-the-sales-on-your-online-store-in-...

Check this post as well if you like the above post: https://www.expertvillagemedia.com/proven-ways-to-drive-traffic-to-your-ecommerce-website/