High Bounce Rate + No Conversions

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I recently have hired someone to market my store (http://www.menspremierbags.com). As of late we have seen a nice influx of people coming to the site consistently each day; however, still no sales. It seems that there is a high bounce rate (around 84%) and a user page view duration of < 1 minute – This is of course based on Google Analytics findings. I’m thinking that it might be that the site is loading to slow. But I also feel like there could be other flaws with my website that I am overlooking. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?

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Bounce rate only tells a partial story. Here are the recommended steps to take :

  1. Make sure the traffic you get are relevant, have a high buy intent and are not just traffic for the sake of traffic. For example traffic from social media might perform very badely if not targeted correctly, same applies to text ads on Adwords, if the ads are too generic and poorly focused, they will simply not perform well
  2. The information provided in the Ad, reflect the landing page accurately
  3. The landing page is well optimized, is not confusing, has the most important information such as title, image, title, price, add to basket button and short description above the fold

Personally I would remove the popup on your page, it's extremely anoying. Think of it from the perspective of a customer, they just want to see a crossbag, not a popup. It's a big reason why people might click away, or get frustrated.


Hope it helps.

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This has been very helpful. Thank you for your response.

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high bounce rate clearly shows that the traffic coming to your site is not relevant or your website is not attractive enough and well optimized.

another possibility is that maybe the traffic coming to your site is automated. 

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I feel like we are pretty dialed in with our audience, but you definitely could be right about the traffic or the look/function of the site.

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You have already figured out that your site is loading slow so you need to work on it. Secondly, you need to improve on your site and make it attractive and engaging so users spend more time on your site.


hey MPB,

just checked your site. what I found is that meta title is not proper and Description and keywords are missing on your landing page. Content plays an important role in SEO and you should work on that content. make attractive title and description and don't forget to add keywords to the content but they should not be overstuffed.

Another thing I noticed is too many H1 tags. In SEO, H1 tag is defined once on a page. there are 6 H1 on your landing page.

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Let me know if you need any further help.





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The store deals in selling men's premier bags. It's not an impulse purchase category i.e. you can't expect users to transact on their first visit. 

Website: It doesn't give an impression of a site that sells high-end products, it's somewhat static and have very few interactive elements.

You can have better names for categories - Travel Collection, Office Collection in place of current categories - Best Selling, Hot Arrivals, Clearance. Might help in driving some actions on the first visit.

Incoming Traffic: What are the sources you're driving your traffic from? Do you have any experience in selling offline as well?

Re-egnagement: How do you retarget your website visitors currently? Do you run any email campaigns? Retargeting users at multiple touchpoints will definitely help you convert them over a period of time.

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Re-targeting is key for high-end products. You can't expect your first-time visitors to convert, that's for sure.

Entice your visitors to sign up for a newsletter. Re-target them via Facebook ads. Build a relationship with them on social media. Eventually, if they really like your products they will buy at the time that is the most convenient for them.

Also, about your website speed, are all of your photos sized properly? You might want to check that

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Hi guys,

My Issue: I'm targetting only the French market and my FB ads are only targetting french speaking persons living in France. Still, my first trafic source is: USA.

Any explanaitions?