High Traffic, Low sales

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Hey guys. My name is Monty and I just recently started my branded shopify store about 2 days ago. I run facebook ads and am getting more traffic than I expected for my first few days. However, although the sessions grow everyday the sales are still 0. My website can be reached at heerzco.com . I appreciate all the help and feedback I can get to overcome this problem. Thanks guys. :)

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Hey Monty,

I think your currency converter isn't working! and also it is half covered by "contact us"

So deal with it first and make sure currency converter works!


Right now even I change it to any, the price remains the same, which should be changed and if not, then what is the purpose of the currency converter?


Hope this helps :)

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Hi @Monty4 

I think that it's maybe the visitor found your product is not as like as on ads or It's maybe your Shopify store is not optimized conversion rates so that it has no sale. To optimize conversion rates, you can follow tips on this writing

Hope it helps!

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Cool product and store! A few suggestions though that can get this converting 100%. 


But first, some areas to look at: 


1. Every headlines needs to hook! 

"The New Heerz LED Mirror Alarm Clock" doesn't give people a reason to keep scrolling. Try either creating curiousity in your headine or stating a clear benefit. An example could be: "Wake Up Calls Re-imagined" or "Mirrorred Smart Alarm - Wake Up In Style", at the very least they triggers curiousity to keep your reader scrolling.


2. Formatting issues

Heerz .png


There's a coupe of formatting issues like shown where the inforgraph is cut off. You're selling a sleek, minimal product, so you want your site to reflect that. 


3. Big walls of text intimidate people

Heerz  (1).png


Its true, and there's been a ton of studies done to prove it. This is a decent paragraph, but it would have more punch if you condensed it into benefit-driven bullet points. Readers get bored extremely easily these days. Which brings me onto the next section - your product page.


4. Remove the dynamic checkout button

HEERZ All New Mirror LED Alarm Clock – Heerz .png

From experience, this just complicates the buying process by giving them too many options. Plus, there are several generations of buyers you need to consider, and older ones can have reservations when they see a button like this, thinking that money will somehow be taken from their account as soon as they press it (seems silly, but its true). Sticking with "Add To Cart" will bring in more conversions. 


5. Spice up your product description

Again, there's a big wall of text on your product page. Headlines work great here, so again you could use a big bold promise in your headine, then transition into bullet points with benefits, then go on to write longer content below. A great place to look for inspiration is Amazon listings. Check this out:




Headlines expand into content that paints a picture of how the product can change the readers lives for the better - better sleep, easy to use at night etc


This is actually a really cool product that people can benefit from. You just need to position it as the solution to their pain. Best of luck!



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@Monty4 Hey!


Nice store!

Do you have any abandoned carts strategy? If not, that's the first thing you have to set up. Also, use more than one channel to reach your clients who abandon checkout. Reach them by sending a web push notification, email or SMS messages. And this is not about spamming your customers. The idea of omnichannel is that each channel supports each other, rather than overlapping. It’s about targeting your customers when and where they are most likely to see and react to your abandoned cart alerts. And... finish their purchase.

Moreover, web pushes has ability to identify abandoned cart earlier than phones and emails. There is a possibility to start tracking customer as soon as he subscribes and its not required for client to go to checkout page to leave phone or email. It's enough just to add to cart and leave. And you can reach him.

Also try to add incentive for finishing the purchase, e.g. a special offer with a sense of scarcity, like a countdown offer with a discount that would be applied if your customer finish the purchase, for example, within the next 20 minutes. Here're some case studies highlighting how adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy can boost your conversion rates (by as much as 28% when using abandoned cart push notifications). Check it - you might find it useful: https://getfirepush.com/case-study/

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Hi @Monty4 


First off, great store and happy you are underway on your Shopify Branded Store. I would change a few things however:


  1. Instead of Learn More, change it to "Buy Now" or "Shop Now" as a more cleat Call to Action (CTA)
  2. Apply a quantity selector to product page as well as a Buy now Button on the product page instead of just add to cart
  3. I would remove the limited time sale timer, it's distracting and doesn't help much
  4. I would improve on the background image for your homepage to something more of your product

These are a few changes you can make to your store instantly!


Let me know if you have any more questions

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Same issues with my website.


Hello Monty! :))) I can see people investing several dollars on Google Ads so as to drive traffic to the eCommerce website. But, you're flooded with several visits!!! So, in order to improve your sales try to fix issues with your website. Also, make your site more attractive and user-friendly. Various factors including imagery, simplicity, typography, and functionality contribute to a good website design. Revamp the site and let me know! :)))

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I didnt even notice the converter wasnt working!! Thanks for the tip. 

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Hey. Thanks for all the help. I made some adjustments from your suggestions. Feel free to check it out and give me your feedback. Monty