High conversions with free advertising methods low conversions with paid advertising (Ad Targetting Struggle)

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Hello, I own a Shopify store in which I sell software product keys. Typically general word processing software keys, OS keys, Windows OEM keys, graphics manipulation software keys etc. You get it. Now the problem I am struggling with the targeted ads. I am finding it extremely difficult to target people who may be looking for one of these products on my website for example, Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. I have tried Facebook adverts to no avail. With Facebook adverts people will click my link view it and go off my website.

The most ironic part about this is that, the free advertising methods I have used have been more effective than the paid methods the only reason why I cannot keep using these free methods is that it is considered spam and I'd like to spend money to attain more conversions, naturally. On Google Ads I have campaigns that are running for £50 a day it's been a week, 2,379 impressions and 24 clicks. I've only spent £0.68 and I've only gotten 1 conversion from google ads. I know that people want the products I sell I just cannot find them. 

I am currently on Shopify and my conversion rate is 21.2%, but that is all from the free advertising I do on Gumtree and the spamming I am forced to do on Facebook in order to make sales. I have no marketing experience thus, my ROA will suffer if I keep advertising without gaining conversions. If there is anyone who has experience in this field please help. I am at a point where I may turn to marketing agencies however, I'd like to keep my ROI as high as possible.


Here is my store: www.blackniledigital.com