High traffic very low sales


Hello everyone.

About the funnel (google analytics) and a lot of traffic and small sales.

What affects this:

1. Product selection (analysis of the product, products, topics) and the range of prices for it in the purchase and% morzhennosti;

2. Analysis of competitors, at what price they sell (what stocks do);

   2.1 What is the attendance of their stores (it is possible to look at traffic sources in similarweb);

   2.2 What kind of creatives do they use when forming a product card in a store;

   2.3 Which template store card product card is used;

3. Market demand for this topic and or a specific product that could adversely affect your sales;

If the item is selected:

4. We create a shop on Shopify, load goods;

5. Connect Google Analytics and set up goals to track the effectiveness of incoming traffic;

6. Connect the Facebook pixel;

7. Connecting sales channels to the store using Shopify feed product:

   7.1. "Correct" formation, creation of product feed for advertising campaigns (guided by its advertising strategy);

   7.2 "Correct" targeting of advertising accounts Facebook Shopping, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Instagram Shopping, Yottos AdLoad, Pinterest ...;

A "smooth" start to understand and see if everything is displayed in analytics.

When everything works, scale, increase the budget and analyze incoming traffic by calculating ROAS \ ROI.

Based on the obtained numbers ROAS \ ROI, we look fit into the morzhenality. Then you understand what to do)!

This is if we talk about the amount of traffic and its effectiveness in a nutshell.

And so, you need to look separately and use an individual approach to each topic in order to accurately formulate a strategy for it that would bring a lot of targeted traffic with positive ROAS \ ROI.

Good luck with your business!




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Hi @Shenanigans, I’m Larry from the team at Spocket!


Getting sales from high traffic falls into your understanding of how to market your store. Conversions all depend on the audience you target and how your store is positioned for your customers. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to improve conversions from the traffic on your store:

  • A useful tool that helps you track page views from customers is Google Analytics. You can find where they visit your site from and on which page they end up leaving!
  • Taking a course on the Spocket Academy can help you gain more skills in marketing! The academy has a wide range of courses on marketing and sales that can give you more knowledge on how to drive up your sales. If you’re interested in taking a course to optimize your store, you can find the Spocket Academy here.
  • I highly recommend joining the Spocket Facebook group where you can join over 45 000 entrepreneurs like yourself. You can ask for tips and guidelines from other users and engage with the community in the group!

I hope this helps and best of luck!

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I recommend you review your overall marketing strategy. What kind of audience are you attracting to your site? Not all traffic are equals. Identify your target customer, then craft your content, your ads for them. Of course, it will take a lot of trials and errors, but nothing worthy is easy, right?

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Hello @Shananigans 


I recently came across your post and went through your website. There were some things I noticed in the store so I thought I'd just share them with you. 


  1. Your top nav bar as these buttons - men's shirt, women's shirts, hats, collections and kid's section. As a shopper this classification didn't make a lot of sense to me. Either I would want an option of collections and then it can have further sections for men women or kids. Or maybe you can skip the collections section altogether and just show the kinds of collections you have. Right now it seems a bit out of place.
  2. Secondly, in your catalog, the products have different image sizes. It's generally a good idea to keep the size of the images same so that it looks uniform and appeals to the shopper. 
  3. Wherever possible, add some reviews for the products. I understand it can be difficult initially because of low sales. But I would encourage you to keep your focus on this as well. Since like most shoppers, I too would buy those products which have great reviews. 
  4. You've already added some Sale labels to your store. That's good. It's catchy and surely has an effect on any shopper browsing through your catalog. If you're looking for more kinds of labels, you can also check out this app here.

I hope this is useful for you. All the best!


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