How Can I change my product's content ID on Shopify?

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Hi there!

I wanna run Facebook Dynamic Ads and have set up the product catalogue by using Flexify. However, I do have some products with different versions (e.g. size, colour) yet all have the same "content ID" in the data feed and catalogue. How can I change a product's content ID within Shopify?


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Good question, I have a client with a similar issue where the content id supplied in the Facebook pixel, does not match the id supplied in the data feed.

You need to contact your data feed supplier to make sure the product id's are unique per product (including variants), and that they match up with the pixel code.


I solved this issue by changing the data feed product id's, well actually I kept the original feed for Google Shopping, and then created a new feed for Facebook, so that we can match up the id's.


Hope this helps.


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Hi there, I have the same problem but only with some products. How can I fix it please? I'm using Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) to upload all products.


Does it mean I need to re-install the pixel? Can I somehow change the ID in the catalog to match? I didn't follow exactly how you explained it.


Thank you for your help.