How To Get More Sales From Social Media - 6 Mistakes You've Made

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Hi everyone, my colleagues and I are social media marketing experts, and we started our ecommerce store: We help manage client Instagram accounts and drive huge traffic and sales to their websites. We offer a 7 day free trial who want to see what we have to offer. Today, we're going to go over common mistakes we see on social media:

1. Stop using general, vague, and huge hashtags. Use hashtags that are similarly proportionate to your business size.

2. Use giveaways to get emails! A lot of people underutilize giveaways on social media - don't be one of those.

3. Create your own hashtag! Create a weekly contest to give out free stuff. Now, you have a lot of free content to post on your own social media.

4. Don't be fake followers and likes. It hurts your engagement and your future post rankings.

5. Collaborate with other pages. Do shoutout for shoutouts and giveaways on each other pages.

Does this all seem overwhelming? Well, we provide a 7 day free trial, and we'll do everything for you. Please check us out at