How are you tracking and remembering your marketing/social media posts & campaigns?

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As we are growing, we are advertising more... some on our own, and some with the help of companies like Vantage, Kit and Hootsuite.

We use Google Adwords, Adwords Express, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, etc...

We have great difficulites remembering what is running and how long and what the results were. We have found that switching things up constantly has really increased sales, but it's tough to remember what is going on. Then there is a campaign ending and we forget or run another too long and changes our budget.

Does anyone have a great way to manage and keep track of all this stuff??


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Hi Ingrid,

If you're running a number of social media campaigns often a simple spreadsheet can work to track your ad dates. I have found a great article on Social Media Examiner which has some templates you can adapt to meet your specific campaign needs.

If you have any more quesitons you can also reach us 24/7! 


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