How can I change my shopify url Structure

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Hi, Gal Yish!

Lisa here from the Shopify Support Team. 

Are you wanting to condense the URL? If the customer accesses the product, through a collection, it will show the breadcrumbs of how the customer got there through the URL. 

Whereas, if the customer directly goes to the product from an original link, it will not show the breadcrumbs of how they got there. It would just show:

Although it will still have the additional fields, you can customize your product and collections URL to help reduce the length of the URL. 

To do this, click into the product or collection scroll down to 'Edit Website SEO' and click on the link, to update the product or collections name. 

If this was still really bothering you, you could always try adding URL redirects to condense the links. Here's how to add a URL redirect. 

Hope this helps to clarify! Please let me know if you have any questions.

- Lisa ?

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I have a related issue with that

The URL strcuture of Shopify is this:


I want it to be


It provides better SEO and better customer experience since shorter URL

Moreover since my website is in France, it has no sense to display the words "collections" and "products"


How could I play with that? (I'm fine playing with the code)


Let me know thanks!



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That's something most Shopify users want. If you google 'charge url structure Shopify' you'll see that there are countless threads on forums, blogs and social media asking the same thing. I went above and beyond to explain Shopify support that this is really important and being able to change that would be so beneficial in many ways. 


Unfortunately, no luck! They keep saying that this has no value towards SEO, even thou Google specifically mentions that they favor short URLs. Furthermore, they don't really care that it's not user-friendly.


So there's not much that you can do, except change CMS.

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Looking for the same change, may anyone got a solution to this. ;-)

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I totally agree that Shopify needs to provide a simple way for us to configure to use shorter URLs. This is critical for SEO - it's been said and proven. Shopify, please put this on your queue to address. 


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UP. Shopify : We pay your service, we need something SEO friendly ! 

Hi @Gal_Yish, I made a video tutorial for you on how to change Shopify URL Structure. Hope this helps!

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You are just changing the handle, the question was about the whole url structure...

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