How can I change my shopify url Structure



I agreed with you and there is not a way to change the URL structure shorten. Because the "Collections" OR "Product" word always come up when creating categories or adding products.


But there is some apps available to short the URL for example:





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Has this issue still been taken care of? Im also running a non-English online store, and it is weird that it says in the url about products or collections. I want to get rid of them.

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really bad support. Im thinking to migrate my theme just for that... how cant you allow us to change our internal urls..?

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This is a big issue from an SEO standpoint. We have started to migrate our client's accounts away from Shopify for this reason. To impose extra URL strings on to every user is not ideal. The Perfect URL structure should be:







It's a massive difference and makes for extremely messy URLS.


Sure you can setup a redirect. If you're a small business. Selling less than 100 products. My clients have over 6000 products in their store. I'm sure they don't want me blowing their entire monthly marketing budget on setting up redirects for every single new product they upload to the website on a DAILY basis.


Shopify, you need to fix this. It's unacceptable and ABSOLUTELY is crucial for SEO friendly URLs.

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I really looking for sollution for this as well. Running shop with foreign language, and /collection and /product just looks ridiculous in non English URL.    Redirections are not the option. If Shopify can really be international, it really needs to tackle this issue.  

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And this is just one of Shopify's many limitations. Easy Pinterest integration is another one and being able to edit the code of the Checkout page is another. Shopify is limited in so many ways, and their Support, even though they're polite, they're incompetent. In all my support tickets I never got a solution to my problem

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Crazy this hasn't been solved hope it does soon.
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This is an issu for us too. I see that the last post was in 2019. Is there any news about this?

Thank you!

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Same problem here. That's ridiculous to be stuck with this shitty url structure, and especially with a non-english website

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I see you can't reply to individual posts here also, that's helpful... for a forum... a help forum.

You get a lot for the price though. It's super easy. if you want to maximize SEO and not buy traffic I guess you need another CMS.