How can I decrease the cost/conversion on google shopping?

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Hi Shopify world! 

I run a fairly new store that sells wood and bamboo accessories for men (sunglasses, bowties, beaded bracelets, watches etc.)

We've done decently well for our first two months ($500 in sales and a 4% conversion rate). I'm working on growing organic traffic but so far most of my sales have come from google shopping. 

The issue is that I'm paying about $5/conversion which is a lot given my profit margins. I've tried all of the obvious things (negative keyword searches, targeted ad campaigns) and I don't have enough conversions to give google conversion goals. I'm paying about $1/click on average but obviously not every click turns into a sale. 

I understand that I need to invest in marketing to get my store off the ground but this isn't sustainable. 

I'd love to hear other people's experiences and any tips they can share. 


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Here's a really good guide for optimizing. It's definitely a process optimizing, but can help greatly with lowering the acquisition cost over time.

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Google shopping ads are hard to customize, mainly because they take all the information from your site and don't let you play around with the ad. To get more out of it, I'd suggest the following:

1. Optimize titles: Google seems to place a huge amount of priority to the keywords in the first part of your title, so I'd do some keyword research and find the highest searched KW and input that in the front of your title.

2. Keyword rich description: add the keyword and variations of that keyword into the description as well.

3. Choose the right category. You know your current CPM right now so try and "test" the results you'll get if you switch to a different category.

good luck!

Luis Morales-

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Thanks to both of you for your help with this! It definitely is a struggle. 

Luis - what did you mean by switching to a different category? 

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I would look at exactly what cities and states your conversions are coming from, and in addition to the areas you're already targeting, add those specific ones and increase your bid there. Do a bid adjustment of 30-50% in those areas.

Then do the same for time of day and days of week. Look at what time and what days you get the most conversions, and do a bid adjustment for those times by 30% too.

That helped my ROI on ads go up 400%, and it's still getting better!