How can I get more views? 4 years on Shopify and it's not working

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Hi everyone!

I started my Shopify shop around 4 years ago and I can't get visitors, my average is 5- 15 per day. I have an Etsy shop that works fine but this one, nothing!

I know my descriptions are not good, I have many products and I work alone, I don't have time nor imagination for writing an specific description for each product. :S. Do you think this is the problem?

I have run some ads with facebook, Instagram and adwords, and they work more or less ok but I think my site should have a minimum number of visitors for itself. Maybe there is something wrong with my website? 

I´ll truly appreciate any advice!!!

Thank you!

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Your designs are cute! 

You might want to re-think keeping all your product descriptions the same, as duplicate copy can hurt your search visibility. Google likes a website with unique copy on each page. Even if you slightly modify your product descriptions, changing them up might help you perform better in search results. That said, SEO probably won't be your main traffic channel since you're in a more competitive space, so you might not want to make that your focus.

With limited time, and given your particular product niche, I might focus on growing your traffic from Pinterest. You've already got a great profile with initial boards, etc. Join some group boards, try using an app like Tailwind so you can schedule posts regularly, and see if you can boost your free traffic coming from there.

I noticed that the link to your Instagram feed from your website wasn't working, btw.

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First off - Your website looks colorful and attractive!

So you are getting very few visits.

How I would think about this: 

Where do you even expect visits from. No visits are to be expected on their own, all have to be driven. Visits on their own are to be expected when you have a blog, good SEO and people find you simply from search. This is not the case for you. This is the case for Hubspot's website, Shopify's website as they have a lot of content or Amazon's site.

If I were planning this -

Ok, I can expect vistors from facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram.


Facebook, organically, how?
Post regularly on own page to keep followers coming back, interested, involved and buying from you; especially by running a summer sale, or June Offer, sharing coupon codes. Do this using an app caled OrangeTwig.  This will set a month's promotions for you in less than 5 minutes.

To get new people - share your products on groups (too much work). Partner with influencers who show off your product (may bring in many people in one shot). Try to run a referral type of promotion. Or share Tag a Friend posts.

In a case like yours I have always found it best to do category targeting, like talk rugs in home decor groups, and dresses in fashion groups, rather than treating your brand as one entity and promoting it like this.

Twitter, Pinterest

By posting regularly.


Posting regualrly, and using good hashtags that get you discovered! Again, discover these hashtags for your category on OrangeTwig (under InstaSuccess).


OK, once your social posting is taken care of then go for the real thing - Ads.

Here one counts, for every dollar spent, I made X dollars.

I would suggest do these with focus, make good layered disctinct audiences, some into dresses, others in home decor and target with relevant creative.

Looking at your site and products I think ads WILL work. Just include trust elements on your site - Like an About Us that really tells who you are and leaves no doubt for the buyer as to who she is sending money to (you should seem real and reachable), Secure Payment icons and outline your return policy. Do Free Shipping above a certain order amount (maybe you alreday do this). But yes, all this comes later, when you look at conversions.

At first just focus on traffic from ads. For this keep an eye on your CTR and aim for 3% I'd say. I think your products look delicious and this would help in your ads.



End note - Don't just expect traffic. Drive it with an eye on success metrics. CTR is your shallow metric in ads, then it wil be CAC. Put your social media on autopilot, don't waste time on it. And use great, great hashtags.

FYI - If you put your social media on autopilot with OrangeTwig you will get the advantage of sharing a variety of posts on your social channels, such as testimonials, and sale announcing posts, like this:

All the best!

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Wow! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time and effort to help me.

I find really good ideas here and I'm going to start adding some of them to my tasks.