How can I market my products to a young audience?

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Hi all,


My main demographic is 13-27 and it's always difficult marketing to a young audience due to trend shifts or them having the attention span of a fly. I live in Los Angeles so keeping up isn't as difficult as it could be but somehow we're still trying to figure out thematically and schematically how we can market. My site is Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions as far as the site itself goes.




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Hey there Devan,

I just took a look at your website. It looks great! aesthetically I think that you are on the right track for attracting your target demographic. I'm a 24 year old male and I definitely see a lot of elements that would attract people my age and younger. 

Capitalizing on the whole "living care free" is a great idea which I can clearly see through your products and images. We are definitely a nostalgic generation and I think both your clothes and images will attract the right crowd.

I'm from Canada - one thing I've noticed in terms of fashion is it seems to be going very urban/hipster; a bit of a blend of the two. I was in Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago for the first time in like...forever and noticed some little niche things they do is they now sell vinyl records! They are definitely working the hipster/nostalgia idea which might be good for you. 

Anyways where I was going with that thought is maybe incorporating music somewhere in the site might give it a little extra umph! 

One of the big things I took out of my work experience in an advertising agency and web analytics company is the best way to start attracting customers for free is good strong SEO!

Shopify not only enables your website to be riddled with good keywords, tags and descriptions - it also has some sweet resources for helping you get started with your SEO.

Here's a link that will give you the essential tips you need for getting on the SEO wagon.

Looking at your site, I get the idea you are pretty comfortable with the Shopify software! With that said, another great idea when it comes to SEO is to go in to the back-end of your Shopify template and add meta keywords.

Have no fear, another link for that is here!

I was also browsing through the forum and noticed there are some good tips for product descriptions and tagging in another feed that other people have suggested.

Maybe give that a look-see as well so customers will come directly to products from google searches as well!

I hope my two-cents was helpful and maybe gave you a couple new ideas to explore. You are on the right track! Would love to see your fashion grow.

Good luck :)




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It's a pretty wide age range you are targeting - it might be worth spending some time narrowing it down a little bit. Do you want to market to the younger or older end of that age spectrum?

I wouldn't think the fashion of a 13 year old would be the same as a 27 year old, which makes it hard to find specific areas to market in.

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Thank you for your reply; very insightful. I think we might take a recommendation or two off of you! Thank you!

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I see that you have a blog on tumblr, which is definitely the right idea! Your target audience is there.

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Hello Devan


I had a look at your site. I sell Anime T-shirts and target the same young audience too. I could be a bit critical, but hopefully it will help your store :)


Your site is clean and easy to navigate. One thing that bugs me is your quick shop feature. Take a look at this screenshot:

The quick shop is all good when I click it, but once I start scrolling , this happens. It doesn't help that I am unable to click "Visit product page" or any button when this happens. I had to scroll back to the exact same point where I started to be able to use any of the buttons. The 10 seconds of frustration could have drove away sales. This happened after a while too: ;

You may wish to reconsider the "quick shop" feature.


Secondly, product descriptions can include more details. The 1 line description is not compelling nor interesting. The description's only use is telling customers the material used. Retelling what customers can see; the shirt color and design, is like reading off a powerpoint slide. Tell us something more. :)


For facebook, your facebook page engagement is really low, only 100 of your 2185 fans are "talking about this", about 5%. I launched 5 weeks ago, and have 149 out of 298 fans "talking about this". You may wish to post interesting articles that will engage your fans. You could make giveaway participants tag 3 or more friends to qualify for the giveaway. 


Payment methods. Many teenagers, especially those around 13 to 17 might not have an ability to pay online. Cash on Delivery option can do wonders. You may wish to consider offering COD.


Lastly, I don't see  FAQs, Shipping info, size charts or return policies. I think it is important to have these displayed prominently on your store, as they are proven to decrease pre-purchase anxiety and increase conversions.

Hope to have helped!



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Hey Devan,

I like your site, nice clothes! So the age demo you're trying to reach is fairly young I'd say focus strongly on your Social Media presence. I follow a couple clothing stores for young people on Facebook and regularly enjoy looking at their posts. Plus, if you create a good Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest page it has increased likelihood of showing up on search engines above your actual store. 

In terms of social media and your age demographic, can I suggest an app that's a little-off mainstream? Vine. Vine is extremely popular with that age group now and a lot of brands are turning that popularity into marketing campaigns. Take a look at this article from adage: If you're willing to put time into making a funny/engaging six-second video it could be worth it.

Just my two cents, hope it's helpful!


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Hi Devan,

I took at look at your store and it is very professional looking. Great Work! If you want to market to a younger audience your best bet IS going to be using Social Media like Mackenzie174 has said. If you have the budget for it, I would spend some money on Facebook marketing. This will give ads to people within your specific demography and link them to your Facebook page. From there you can offer discounts if they "like" your page or share it with their friends. This will bring in more traffic for sure. Also, look into the app JustUno, as this integrates Social Media right into your Shopify store. 

A friend of mine paid about 50 dollars for Facebook ads, and ended up surpassing 1000 likes on his page in less than a week. It's definitely worth the investment.

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Hey Devan!

You're off to a good start with your store so far. It's pretty hard to target younger demographics because they're pretty fickle and change their minds about brands almost overnight.

If you look at stores like Old Navy for reference, one of the common themes you'll come across is seasonal sales to suit occasions specific to teens and young adults. This includes things like summer breaks, first days of school, holidays, and formal events. Being able to adapt your products to the time of year makes a big difference in attracting customers and maintaining them over a period of time. Shopify already has a Discount feature available in your Admin page, so maybe you could take a look at that.

Other stores like Hot Topic embrace popular culture and integrate it into their product lines. This can get pretty expensive depending on the license but there are a lot of facets of internet culture not specifically owned by any company that you could utilize. A lot of teens and young adults who become fascinated with a particular subject they find on the internet would certainly jump at the opportunity to own associated apparel. Try experimenting with a few niches and see if you find some success there.

Lastly but most importantly, social networking is your best friend for attracting the younger demographic. Keeping your fans interesting means involving them in as many steps of the process as possible. Ask them for their ideas, preview new products exclusively on social media platforms, and host giveaways or discounts specific to social media. This gives them a reason to Like or Subscribe to your pages, which in the future provides a much wider audience to advertise to when you launch new products or initiatives.

Best of luck to you my friend!

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Hey Devan!

As others have already mentioned, using social media can really springboard your sites popularity. You are doing a really great job on your instagram site and you're reaching a broad range of customers with over 26 thousand followers! My recommendation would be to become more active on your twitter page. Twitter has become a massive market that would fit nicely in your target demographic. I would suggest having your Twitter account visible on your site would be a good place to start. 

From there you could set up something like "If This Then That" (, this application is easy to use and makes it so you can send a tweet automatically, when you post something to your Facebook for example. This would allow you to market to a new avenue of potential clients and at the same time not cause you to have to manage yet another social media site. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reply and answer them as soon as I can. 

Good Luck!

Steven Robertson