How can I set up Google ads conversion tracking and Google Analytics together

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In preference page(, I put  Google analytics account following the artcle, . and for Google ads conversion tracking, I put tracking code in theme.liquid.


Is this right way to install both? or there is other way.

Thank you


This is an accepted solution.

That is the right way to setup a basic Google Analytics account in Shopify. There's a lot more you can do down the track if you wish. For Google Ads tracking, it depends what you want to track. I'm guessing you'll want to track sales, in which case, what you did is wrong. Please refer to How To Setup Google Ads Conversion Tracking In Shopify.

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Hi, I used your guide to set up my Google Ads conversion tag. I have 2 questions please.


1. The events snippet I copied from my Google Ads account Settings does not include 

'currency': 'AUD',

or any line that mentions the currency 

What do I do in this case?

2. As I understand it, I have to load the Global site tag on the "theme.liquid" which I have done. How do I load it on to every page on my site?