How do I Track Traffic from Non-Primary Domains

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I started my store with a custom domain name, but it wasn't ideal. So, after about a year I purchased a new domain name and have switched it to be my primary domain. 

Naturally, the old domain name is still in marketing materials, and there are links pointing to it. I'd like to be able to track (in Google Analytics or somewhere else) how many people are accessing the site thru the old domain name. 

Is this possible on the Shopify platform? 


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Well yes. You should ideally add UTM parameters redirecting URL which the od domain now points out to. I am assuming you are using Google Analytics to track your web traffic. Shopify really has nothing to do with it. Just add UTM parameters like -

Tag the resolving URL in the redirect with UTM parameters. i.e. >> and you are good to go. 

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This is more done on the DNS and other sides than within shopify. You could track these things with google analytics. How did you handle the transfer from your old domain to your new one? did you set it up as a 301 redirect, etc? Ideally you should be telling google that all traffic to that domain belongs now to this new domain.


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Thanks for your replies. I am using GoDaddy, which has an option for domain forwarding. I am using this, because I don't think Shopify has an option to redirect TLD's, and I'm not sure how to do it any other way. I'm not an expert how to do redirects through DNS.


Would it make sense to set up hosting for the old domain separate from Shopify, just so I can get an .htaccess file to edit and manage the redirect with better precision? I wouldn't want to pay for hosting just so I can redirect & track it, but it's a thought.


Anyway, with Godaddy's domain forwarding:


I tried the UTM parameters as suggested, and I'm running into an issue. let's say is redirecting to


I have the domain forwarding to


This works fine when someone is going directly to It shows up in analytics under the "redirect" campaign, and shows oldexample as the source.


However, for old links to deeper pages, such as you get this URL as a result of domain forwarding: and the visitor is just sent to the homepage rather than the page they were looking for.


In that case in analytics, it still shows up under the "redirect" campaign, but this time the source is oldexample/category/productname so I'll have a different source for each deep link


Is there any way to fix this domain forwarding with UTM parameters so that it works properly for all old links, not just the ones to the homepage?


Thanks again for your help with this