How do I create an Add-On product

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I would like to be able to have an Add-On pop up when my customers go to checkout with a heavily discounted product to add on to their order.

For example when my customer adds a product to their cart, a pop-up window appears and asks if they would like to add on a 'special' extra product at a discounted price

Does this exist? 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated



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Hi Saci,

There may be apps that do this but you can also do it with some code. You would have to "group" products together. The main product and the addon. Groping can be done with tags or metafields. Basically product A will be associated with product B (add on).

When product A is added to the cart you will see in Javascript if that product have an addon associated with and trigger the popup. tips, tricks & Shopify sections