How do I get some immediate sales using Facebook Ads?

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What do you guys presume is the minimum to create a genuine lokalike audience based on customer list? Currently I have about 20 customers, but I would assume I would need at least 100+ to create anything worth targeting.


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Hey hey hey,

I spotted this thread and just wanted to share with you a case study one of our employees recently did. In it, it outlines exactly what type of advertising he used - from Facebook advertisements to directly reaching out to influences. If you have time, take a look! It's super helpful:

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1.facebook Ads work..  We built our business on that..

2. There is no product promises with your bunch of products.. How does it translate to simple savings?  Or was it supposed to be Shavings ?

3. Better not to show how one of your peeler .. slicer cuts the product.. you need glamourous images of the peeled .. cut.. plated product.. That would make people drool..  Attractivity and drool worthy are the most important things in selling products related to food..

My 2 bits..

Life is the Art of drawing without an Eraser !
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Facebook is not good, I have done the mistake to advertise and PPC and even tried different approaches, different segments, different locations, etc. I don`t even remember how many times I have done that but anyway, the problem with Facebook is this : IS FAKE ! 

Fake fake fake. They just want to take your money and in exchange you get nothing even expecting to have sales, all my visits on the website are actually fakes, I have stopped advertising on Facebook and everything stopped. How do I know all these clicks ( visits ) are fake ? Well, I have modified the ad, PER CONVERSION ( meaning when there is a sale, purchase ) I will be charged by Facebook and I took a look on the internet to see if I find something regarding these clicks ( visits ) and I found something, it was about fake accounts and those people who are paid £2 per 1000 clicks. What Facebook did, they changed the CONVERSION into PPC ( pay per click ) and they charged me for nothing, when I have send them a message asking why they sent me like an automated message sending me to Business Help. Like that was what I needed. I would rather pay some bloggers to review my website and deal with them for advertising. Hope this helped. Cheers 

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Facebook ads have worked wonders for my site, considerably better than Google ads which goes heavily against what you would expect in a luxury watches/Luxury jewellery Niche. Our average Post Conversion costs around 1 pence - granted as Blake correctly pointed out this has taken some digging and fine tuning but take it from me Google ads CAN work VERY well. Screenshot attached of  my latest campaigns showing cost per engagement.

Oh and the Return of investment has been WAY above Google ads in this field.



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j'ai le meme problème avec et tout les conseils pour ramener le trafic dans ma boutique sont les bienvenues.

merci pour l'aide.

Bonjour et grand merci pouvez vous me dire S'il vous plait comment faire pour définir un bilan à l'adresse IP et mettre les CNAME pour www à Je ne vois pas comment le faire juste la procédure à suivre pour le faire.S'il vous plait. merci.
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FB ads work for certain groups. Fitness, automotive enthusiasts, technological accessories- now all these work well with FB, in my experience. Fashion and "more expensive" goods haven't worked out for me. 

My CPC is usually around 0.02 cents Canadian. Super small. My audience is usually 2.3,m-9m.

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Facebook Advertising is a nightmare. If you don't know what you are doing, you can lose a lot of money.

They also constantly change.

I do want to do FB ads and I don't mind rolling up my sleeves and spending a bit of money on testing, but I'm always unsure if I'm doing it correctly.

Any course or guru's that anyone can recommend?

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I have been running Facebook ads on all types of ad formats for many years. It was a great thing at one time. As of lately lots of traffic but no conversion. I use many methods and that includes, video, conversion ads, send to website, promoted posts, etc. We are even running custom landing pages, Ezra Firestone's Dipsy Doodle Funnel, we're using pixel tracking, custom audiences in Power Editor and you name it... We have done it.

Lately this week nothing is converting sales, despite all the traffic and super cheap clicks.

It is all a matter of finding a winning ad and a winning audience to sell them a winning offer. Sometimes it can get really frustrating but that is the nature of ads. With any type of ads you have to drill down, test, adjust, test, adjust and test some more.

Chances are if you aren't getting any results your audience is too broad and you don't truly know who you are marketing to.

When you can uncover a winner on cold traffic do more of that. It requires just as much paying close attention to what is not working as it does to what is. 

The only other way to succeed is spend a ton of time building a community of the right target audience, nuturing them and offering up 3 values and a sell as a routine. That is a working method but it just takes a lot longer. Long term it is worth it if you can actively engage with your audience and build trust and activity with them on a daily basis.

A perfect example is found in this thread... This is a thread of comments on Shopify blog that is about facebook ads. Somewhere towards the top someone said, hey I can add value to the conversation so here is a link to what one of our staff members did... Check out the case study... What happens when you click on that link? More value and a link to download the PDF (freebee giveaway a.k.a. value) in exchange for an emial address.

So now that person that put the link has engaged the community, added value, and more value, dropped a link and anyone that is struggling "clicks the link" then they give up an email address to get more value. And the loop is closed... Now that email address becomes the best way to communicate with the user that has a "problem." In the example the target user is struggling with Facebook ads, that is the "problem" the link dropper provided value and a solution to the "problem."

If they opted in using their best email address the link dropper or person managing the email list knows the best way to reach that person is with follow-up emails about more value, and the occasional webinar to sell them something. Once you have the email, you as the list builder have an email list full of people that have raised their hand twice... Once to say "I have that problem" and once more to say "I am willing to trade you my email address for your "value/solution" in an attempt to solve my problem.

Now the list builder knows what you want to learn (the problem you are trying to solve) and they can continue engaging and marketing to you because they discovered your pain points.

Value is King, Email Is Queen and Content is the bait...

The moral of the post is get them on an email list. Whether it is cold traffic for a bait or engaged audiences from any ads network, EMAIL is the single best way to reach people that have shown interest. Much like a custom audience of pixeled people that you retarget, it is far easier to sell to the people that have already raised their hand (a.k.a. they have shown interest), versus the constant battle of converting cold traffic into warm traffic.

I am going to start testing Facebook Leads ads, because the traffic never needs to leave Facebook to capture their email address.

Best of luck to you all. If you found this consulation valuable PLEASE Watch my weekly show to learn more about marketing online by Joining our group at

Talk Soon,
Anthony Franck
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P.S. Has anyone noticed Facebook removed Audience Insights?

P.P.S. If you are doing great please contact me so that I can have you as a guest on my show

P.P.P.S If you are stuggling with ads and need help, please contact me so that I can sell you my Facebook Training =)

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Visuals and branding really plays a key here, its got to look inviting, personal and almost like this company is a human. Giving professional criqute as a UX Engineer that does case studies by visuals and information architecture, the site is lacking a latter of them all.

The copyright on the images scare me and think its totally a dropship site (not bad, but in this case looks like I might be able to find it there).