How do I get some immediate sales using Facebook Ads?

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It looks like you are drop-shipping this item, I and a lot of other people also sell a very similar product to yours for a much cheaper and competitive price (I sell mine for $11 AUD). People may find your product over priced, is there any way you could lower your prices to stay competitive? My listing:

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I think one of the best ways to start off is to use 'Boost Posts', this gives you an oppourtunity to engage with potential customers alot more and build a good customer base. I tried many different methods and originally thought website conversions would bring in more buisness, but like ive said in other forums facebook users are not there to shop as the primary reason, they are there to catchup with friends/family and news my way of thinking is to get as many page likes and use a description in your boosted post that creates a reason for users to comment, then engage, once you engage it builds trust and ultimatly a sale.

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hi shaune i would love too see you add slide but its too small

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You genuinely can generate and formulate a perpetual traffic machine using Facebook so please do not listen to scaremongering. 

Firstly you must pixel as said above so Facebook can track your conversions this is a must. 

Secondly you must already have a right hold of your target audience and do not be so broad try to reduce your audience size down to around 1 million at least you can scale up after seeing what hits and what misses. 

Use conversions rather than website clicks in the outset to generate your custom audience profile which you can retarget later once they have been warmed. 

Use an ad grid and breakdown each customer segment followed by good hooks and different speech for each target group. This way you can cheaply test what resonates with which group and not. 

Set 3 or 4 ads running at the same time and look immediately which has high a high relevance score and which doesn't immediately pausing the failing ads and re tweaking them. 

Remembering you may have the best product in the world but if your add copy is no good the ad will fail. 

Email me at Hipster Sunnies use the contact form (my business) if you want more help. 

Hope you figure it out. 


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I am trying to see if Facebook ads are better than Google Adwords as well. My store sells computer gamers and had been using Google Adwords but haven't really try Facebook ads yet

Anyone found Facebook ads a better ROI?

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yes .. In my experience facebook ads are far far better than Google adwords.. So much So .. I don't do Google anymore..

There is a lot of advise I see above my post..  define your target..  try out your ads on small budget.. See what works best..  And formulate your advertising strategy based on that..

Try and build up your fan base.. in the mean time..  if your products are good for repeat customers..  !


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Th reason you have no sales is not FB it is your wesbsite. It looks unfinshed, simplistic with no call to action, no reason why I should buy your products and only one product on view on the home page.

Don't bother advertising until your store if fully functioning.

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For: Ognjen Kovacevic

From what I understand about Facebook Lookalike audiences is that they can be created in different ways depending on how you have collected data on your market. The most accurate information on your market is current/past customers. Facebook needs at least 1000 customers to generate this type of lookalike audience. This means your list has to be even more than 1000 because some customers may not have Facebook or use a different email/phone number.

I found this article to be most useful in regards to lookalike audiences even though it is a couple years old:

It's a good jump off point to consider what way(s) will work best for your situation.

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Hello My site is can anyone tell me why I am gettimg no slaes. Any suggestions on my site look. I did google wasted much money. Havent gotten any facebook sales. Havent had a sale in 3 months. I am open to suggestions good bad or indifferent


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" $1 per click and no results.  "<

·       This means no value

·       Not targeted

·       The strategy many not have be thought about correctly

(By the way is the store is not operational)?

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