How do I increase my website visibility in search engines to drive more traffic to my site?

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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone else has been struggling to improve their website traffic with their Shopify store? I have been following all the SEO strategies and have not seem any real improvement. My website doesn't appear anywhere in organic search engine results. I am wondering whether there is something wrong in my set up so I wanted to see if anyone else has had similar problems and if so what they were able to do about it.

Many thanks.

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I'm Grace from SEO Doctor. 

Usually, for a website to appear in search engine results, it should be free of certain SEO errors plus other things need to be done to boost ranking. So for your problem, i would advise that you try using our app to help you detect the On-Page SEO issues that your site has. You can find it here:

Better still, you can shoot an email to my colleague to assist you on a personal basis. 

All the best!

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Hi Claudia!

I took a quick look at your website and would be happy to provide some feedback on SEO. There isn't really a magic formula as Google is always getting better and better at improving their search algorithm to favour "good" content. 

That being said, since you mentioned that you've already followed many SEO strategies, the key here is really consistency as well as making sure you get linked to by other sites that Google deems influential (typically other high traffic sites for example, popular blogs or media outlets). 

That may look like working on your influencer or press strategy, for example. It can also mean creating more high-ranking content (i.e. blog posts) and promoting these posts so that Google deems them as relevant and influential content. I see that you already have a pretty great start on blogging - but it does take consistent effort. You may also want to do an audit of the keywords you're using on your site and taking a look to see if there are trends or other related keywords that may provide better results.

A lot of the other tips and tactics are great for boosting SEO and making sure you're not being negatively ranked, but in terms of making greater leaps in search engines, Google seems to favour "influence". 

Also, if you haven't already done so, make sure to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

Hope this helps! :) Keep at it.


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Hi Claudia,

Nice website you have there!

I couldn't agree more with Ana, make sure you have submitted your sitemap to Google Search Console and worked out some sort of PR planning. Getting mentions and backlinks from credible sources will hugely improve your search ranking.

In addition, I think you should stick with a one SEO strategy, give it time before you consider to change tactics. If you are implementing multiple methods sporadically, without clear understanding how each would effect to your SEO performance, it may do you more harm. 

If I may know, how long since you launched your web shop? Generally you should wait at least 2-3 months before Google starts to show it on its search results (given you already submitted your sitemap).

Hope this helps.


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Hello Claudia,

There is nothing wrong with Setup and your store is already indexed in Google- There are 192 results for your domain.

If someone searches for your brand, they see your store in search result pages. However, it might be little hard to target non-branded keywords.

For example, Peruvian textiles should be one of your targeted keywords but your store doesn't rank in top 10 position for the query. 

This is how I would approach this:

1) Add more content targeting Pervian Textiles using a page or article.
2) Build few links from sites talking about Pervian textitles or textiles in journal. 
Forums or blogs might be a good idea. Be creative and do things which doesn't scale. First copy from your competitors and then differentiate on link building.

Hope it helps!




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Hi All,

Many thanks for all your helpful responses and advice. I will be working on that and I will let you know my feedback shortly.

Best Regards,



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Hi Claudia:

I would recommend you writting blogs and posts about your products. Also, cross posting (you write a post in a page and that page writes a post in your page) helps a lot for climbing in SEO positions. You have to keep in mind: Create content that people can find helpful, curious, didactic, useful... and if you get feedback from them (comments, likes, shares...) you will have a huge impact!

By the way if you are also interested in SEM (Professional Adwords campaigns specifically) , check out this app:

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