How do you deal with Instagram influencers?

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Hi Everyone,

I am curious how you guys work with Instagram Influencers? As much as I love having an ecommerce shop, the whole Instagram process is driven me crazy and sad :(
I used to send some free gifts to some Instagrammers and the ROI was pretty good (new followers, sales..) But for a few months now, it's a disaster: some people just ask for $500 for one tag (not super big account, some have 30K followers), or they accept one free gift but take a bad pic of the product with only a tag in the pic and there is no return at all. They just don't care and just want the free stuff.

I am not and a small business and unfortunately I can't afford to just send all my stock to these Instagrammers with no return. 
So I am wondering what do you guys do?


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Hi Sonia,

I totally understand - product is expensive and if you feel like you're not seeing return on Instagram influencers, then I'd suggest tabling it for now or only working with Instagram influencers you've worked with in the past and know you can trust.

What I would suggest is targetting social media influencers that fit the "niche" you're looking to target. One thing about mommy bloggers, for instance, is they just want $$$$$. In my experience, they do it for the free product and cash for placements - and once they get a little big, it goes to their heads (obviously not every single one, but in terms of the "industry" this is just what I've noticed). 

Maybe look into vloggers on YouTube? My friend is a publicist and she tends to target vloggers more so than Instagram stars - it seems to pay off well. You can even send them product as a prize for a "raffle" or a "contest" they are running.

Also, I would suggest instead of handing money to Instagram influencers you look into setting cash aside for a budget to pay for social media ads. If you're not sure how social media ads work or if you want a more efficient way of managing them, I'm gonna suggest this awesome app on our app store:


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