How do you get frequent sales?

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Hello, I started with Shopify 2-3 months ago at first I didn't make any sales at all and lost some money with ads, now I get sales with some ads (mostly from Instagramshoutouts) but it only spikes, if I make an ad I get sales for 1-3 days also not many and then almost no traffic and no sales.

I tried Facebook ads but it didn't work yet.

I want to try soon again but I need a guide or something which I have to focus on, I am not a marketing expert and somebody who can guide me throw this would be really appreciated!!!

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google seo forum, then you will find lots of marketing course. You also can find a marketing freelancer help you.

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Hi, Xerto

Relying on Google or Facebook isn't enough to get sales.

Do you think why Amazon, eBay, and Walmart make Millions of $$$ sales daily?

Yes, this is because of popularity and Well-Known Brand.

So, I suggest you work on promoting your Brand instead of products (will be the next level of promotion).

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My go to are facebook ads.

Organic social is hard.

Influencers are hard.

SEO is hard.

But paid social (facebook ads in particular) are my biggest growth channel.

They are my favoirte because they're like a faucet - .I can pour the traffic on HARD and slow them down, whenever I need!

They haven't been easy to get running but with much paitence and these three tactics, here's how I make my ads work as a constant sales driver:

1) Retargeting

I always have web traffic coming in, but I lose too many sales from abandoners.

With retargeting, I'm able to capitilze on lost website traffic, sales and the opportunity to grow my business.

I've had a ton of success with the app Turbo Retargeting and highly suggest it.

Their support is great.

Their app is great.

It's the most effective app on the market, from what I know and they have a free trial!

You can create retargeting ads by yourself by their campaigns are automatically optimized and do all of the work for you. 

2) Constantly testing

Facebook ads are a sweet science.

And it takes time to perfec them.

You must be patience and constantly work to improve your ads.

Sometimes, days or even weeks until you discover a winning forumla when you dont know what youre doing.

Stay patienct, stay consistnet, and stay eager to learn..

3) Constanatly learning!

Which brings me to my final point.

Always be learning!

Paid traffic is tough.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

Having a learn it all mentality has been crucial to my success.

If you're looking to learn advanced Facebook ad strategies, check out the shopify blog, oberlow blog, or this free Facebook ads crash course that I started with


It was super helpful for going from 0 to hero when i was getting started. And they replied to all of my specific questions hah.  Check it out!

Anyways, I hope this was helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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That's what I am talking about! Even with big budget ad campaigns, there are too many store owners (here) never made a single sale!

Too many people thought if they build a website and added products, customers will buy will blinded eyes! No There are too many factors to start give trust and reliable service to your customers.

Goodluck :)

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Consisten social media use (not paid ads -- using strong photo content uploaded daily to engage genuine fans and users), influencer gifting, and flash sales while getting started to build a strong audience!

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Have a solid strategic plan that includes making sure your site is gaining the trust of customers  to purchase from you.  You can send all the customers you want to your site, but if they don't trust to buy from you its a waste of money.  SEO is important and most times overlooked along with a multi channel marketing plan. Know who your customer is and where they hang out, then market to them there. 

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Hi Xerto...

What is your 'Online Store' or 'Web Site URL'?

Thanks Xerto;

" Advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable " - Robert Stephens -
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@ Tim K

Thank you very much!
I will try to improve my facebook ads and start to retarget more, my sales are to low to buy such a app so I will do them manuel.

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@Mark Yurik

Hello Mark,

It is:


Thanks :)