How do you talk to potential customers on social media?

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Hi all,

Just curious how you talk to people through social media. Do you add random people and start talking about your business, do you wait for them to like/add you to talk to them? I'm lacking a little as far as followers on my social media and was wondering how I can boost this/build relationships with potential customers. I don't want to bombard people with a sales pitch, that's not the goal. Is it ok to message someone and ask if they are interested in liking my page?

Let me know your thoughts,

Jarett Wegner

SandJay Hammocks

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Jarett,

Josh here from Shopify.  There are a lot of ways you can engage potential customers on Instagram, one of the main ones is figuring out what hashtags your potential customers are using, and engaging them ny liking their posts, commenting, and adding images using those specific hashtags.  Gary Vaynerchuk who is a marketing genius has some great posts on how to leverage instagram as marketing outlet. One of his better posts can be found by clicking here. 

Also, click here for The Beginner's Guide to Advertising on Instagram   

Some companies do not have the time to manage and grow their social media channels, in these situations you can use automation tools that can engage targeted users.  One that I have used in the past is Instagress 

I would not message people directly to like you page, I would suggest engaging in their posts by commenting on their photos/videos, and liking and engaging with profiles that are using hashtags related to your target market.  


Josh S.