How long until I appear in google?

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I lifted the password of my store last Thursday and submitted then my sitemap to Google. 60 pages were crawled on the 23rd and 97 on the 24th by the Googlebot.

I appear as the 12th result when I type the name of my shop but I don't rank at all when I type keywords. I've checked with websites such as and they can't find any result for keywords other than the name of my shop.

How long does it take before I start appearing in search results?

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It can take days, weeks, months, and sometimes years before ranking for certain terms and it depends on a lot of on-site factors, off-site factors, and competition.  Make sure you do thorough keyword research to understand what people are searching for and then optimize your pages accordingly.  There are apps that can help show you what to do.  Also, you'll need to build external links to your pages which takes some time in itself.  Lastly, make sure you are active on Social Media for your company.  Those few things will get you started.