How many words for product description?

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What's the perfect number for products description to optimize its SEO? I have around 300 products in my store, and do you guys think it's too many? It's a stationery store called, and I sell various stationery products from AliExpress. Most freelancers on Fiverr offers 50 words per product with 3-4 focused keywords. What do you guys think? Thanks :)

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Fiverr is crap, for everything. To keep it seo optimized don't focus on an exact number of words, keep it natural and under 100 words and most importantly don't get it done by a non-native writer and I'm speaking from personal experience, they are absolutely terrible at it. I've always got my copywriting work done by my own writer and she always does a great job at it. If you want to contact her drop me an email and I'll forward you her contact info.

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300 words is something that adds weight to your SEO, but it will look a bit long for a product page. Stick to 120-150 words. This is of the assumption that you have other unique content like titles, specification etc within the page that will help take the unique word count to 240.

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Honestly, Felix there is no perfect number. Google's search algorithm doesn't count characters in the description to give weight in search rankings. It's not a good indicator on the quality of the landing page. 

What really does well for SEO is focusing on the keyword theme of the page and including it at the beginning of the description in a natural way. This does 2 things. First, it shows Google what the page's main focus is and will help to rank for those keywords. Secondly, when you show up in organic search results, people will see that keyword first and you'll have a better chance of getting clicked on. 

To summarize, it's not about the description length but rather the description relevancy. Focus on that and you'll optimize for search engines. For further detail on this, you can checkout Google's SEO guide specifically on meta descriptions -

Best of luck with your site. 

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Hey Felix Putra Prasetyo , The description should be long enough to convey the features of the products, the benefits of it to the customer, and any other important info. If it's 50 words, it's 50. If it's 500, it's 500.