How should I attract customers?

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Hi, this is my site:

I'm having difficulties attracting customers despite instagram ad and facebook.

Would you suggest any recommendations?

I am planning on going off-line marketing, making business-cards that have discount code and our logo on it.

My budget is limited, since I am still a full time student. 

Thank you.

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Hi Youn,

Your website page site is terrible, it takes too long to load. This could be one of the major reasons for the high bounce rate.

Also I did not see a blog on your site. You should consider implementing some SEO strategies.

If you need help improving your site email me grace[at]




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Hi Youn!:

If Facebook and Instagram Ads are not working, maybe you should try Google Adwords. It can help you to attract potential customers from Google. If you are interested, we can make and run all your campaigns with the products of your store, create customized banners, make Remarketing campaigns, giving you support on Adwords... All for free! Our team is recognized by Google as Google Partners.

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If you have any question, please contact me :)

Best regards

Rodrigo Munoz

Marketing Department of Clever Ecommerce.