How the hell do you make money from affiliate marketing?

How do people make money from home doing affiliate marketing? How do they find out what products they can sell for someone else? How do they generate web traffic? How hard is all of this? Is a home-based business only meant for a very few select groups of people?  
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 I tried to get into Affiliate Marketing about 7 or 8 years ago, and, looking back now, I'd say I just gave up too soon.  Like everything else today, there are tutorials and classes, etc. all over the Internet that will give you the basics.  You need to know about SEO - keywords - metadata - it's all necessary to be at all successful.  I went to a 2-day Seminar and they set us up with a "" account when it was over.  That's just one of the places where you can search for a product(s) that interest you.  Then you sign up to promote the product and you'll get a special link to put in ads, articles or on your website or blog.  Anytime someone purchases that product using your link, you get a commission - some are well worth the effort and some not so much.  You need to have a credit card with some spending room on it to pay for ads. 

I sold one product pretty quick, but I could see it was going to get expensive real fast - for me anyway - and I gave up.  I have to say I'm much more motivated and enthusiastic about starting a dropshipping business.  I'm getting close -  Failure is NOT an Option!  Funny thing - I was watching a dropshipping tutorial,  the other day (about advertising, I think)  and the guy in the video was the "Affiliate Marketer" who gave the Seminar I attended years ago.   Dropshipping must be more successful than Affiliate Marketing, or it seems so, anyway.

I hope I didn't jump in out-of-place, I'm a new member as well.  //