How to Promote Your Store for Free

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You shared such a great information about store promotion. thanks and please keep sharing.



Shopify isn’t your brand, it’s software. You need to promote your brand which happens to use Shopify. Remove their name from your head, your store and every effort you make or you won’t build trust for your brand.

Nothing is free. You’re either spending cash, or boatloads of time which absolutely has a cash value. My time is worth about $150 hr, so time I spend NOT bringing in new money is expensive. Keep that in mind for yourself.

So…no cash alternatives -

  1. Social media. In most cases this is a lot of time and takes a lot of time to produce results. You need to build an authentic presence with an audience of people genuinely interested in what you offer. You need to start a conversation as pushing sales (aka advertising) without an established rapport will fall onto deaf eyes (and closed eyes). Invest time in learning how to do this right. In the end, when your time is worth more, you’ll use your knowledge to hire a good person to manage this instead of a mediocre one.
  2. Search engine optimization. This is another task that takes up a ton of time. It’s also complex. #1, your site needs to be tight. It needs to be fast, meet the technical requirements Google wants to see, convey your value proposition and have great, original content. No, your Shopify software doesn’t meet all these needs. You need to learn and do more.
  3. Content promotion. Great content helps but you’ll see traffic faster if you find people who like your content and will link to your content or products. You need to learn how to do outreach.
  4. Email. Provided you have site traffic that is interested, you should be gathering their email addresses. Let me add that SMS messaging is similar and works really well but you will have to pay to use SMS. You can start email for free with Mailchimp. It’s free for up to 2000 subscribers and dirt cheap as you grow. Then you market to your audience being sure to give them good reasons to open your email and go back and buy.
  5. Ask your friends to talk about, and link to your stuff.

None of this usually works immediately but can absolutely grow your business and should be used by every store.

Cheap options

  • Social ads. Facebook can be wonderful. Take a Facebook advertising course and learn how to use it. You can start very inexpensively. Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram may all be cost effective if you’re doing them well. Just keep in mind that if your website does not deliver a compelling reason to buy or products they can’t get elsewhere, they won’t buy no matter how much you spend on advertising.

Last word.

99% of these drop ship Shopify stores fail. They fail primarily for these reasons:

  1. There is no clear “Unique Value Proposition.” This is the “why buy this stuff from me” answer. Your store needs a solid UVP and great messaging to go with it. Given every store competes with Amazon, and their prices are almost certainly lower, it’s usually a good idea to start with a highly focused site. Do you have a Customer Avatar (persona)? Who is your target customer? What are they like? What do they like? Where do they hang out? What gets them to make a buying decision? You NEED these answers to write on-target messaging.
  2. The site does not convey trust. It must look great, the written content needs to be well done and not the duplicate and weak content that comes in through the data feed from AliExpress. You also need well-written policy pages that include About Us, Shipping, Returns and Privacy policies. Adding more goop - like these popups that fake buying traffic is a gimmick and will not create sales on an otherwise poorly done website.
  3. There is no money in the business. It’s pretty close to impossible to start a business without some startup cash. This doesn’t always have to be a lot, but you do need some to get it going.You can’t be competitive and profitable at the same time. Products have to have enough profit to cover shipping, returns, and operational costs, plus leave room for marketing and still have a bit left over for you. In retail, a standard margin is double what you pay for the products. Some categories are lower than that, like electronics. These low margin categories can also be very competitive. Keep in mind that if your site has a great UVP and strong messaging, you do not have to be the cheapest out there.
  4. But the #1 reason these stores fail is because the owner didn’t do enough research to know how to create a successful business. Nothing I just wrote should be news to you if you’ve done your homework, understand your customer, offer a compelling value and have enough money and profit margin to grow.

    Go forth and prosper.

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Some of the best ways are-

  1. Make a website
  2. Use Search Engine Optimization
  3. Make Business Blog
  4. Run Ads on Google
  5. Optimize listing
  6. Get customer reviews online
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very useful Guide . thank you, Bo! .

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I'm trying to do this in a way that also increases my store's traffic. I just want to share cool images of my creations as well. My site is about crystals and I am proud of my collection and the info I have on them.

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The best option is to SEO strategy to bring traffic to your store. I am towing same for towing service in which I am working.

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The way you are describing all the ways to promote your store is very effective, we can promote our business without paid the money. There are a few ways which we can apply that:

  • Embrace social media.
  • Start a blog.
  • SEO your company website.
  • Join a relevant online community and contribute
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Very nicely sad dear

There are many ways to promote your website, blog but in my opinion social media like Facebook group, quora, is a great way to build your branding and get instant traffic to your store to increase sales 

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Thanks!!! Very useful guide

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It is extremely difficult to gain exposure for a new store nowadays which is exactly why we created Upurr. You mentioned utilising free marketing avenues and we basically offer a free service where stores can sign up and connect their Shopify store via our Shopify App called Upurr Store. We then direct targeted shoppers to your web store so you don't just receive any shoppers but shoppers that are actually interested in your sort of products.

The online shopping market is becoming more and more vast and thus becoming even more difficult for smaller or new online stores to get noticed so any free resources are worth utilising because as I know as a store owner - its very costly running marketing campaigns and you're never guaranteed to get sales from them.

Some other free services i've found helpful are Yell (online directory) and joining Facebook groups has been really helpful not just for support and tips but also to share your store with other store owners which lets face it - they might like your products and buy them!