How to Promote Your Store for Free

SEO is your best way to promote your site for free. It's long hourse but your website will start ranking once you put in the right work.


Thanks for sharing that.

But I think Product Photography Techniques for Ecommerce is one of the parts to promote stores for free.


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Very informative article. Thank you for sharing.

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 I need a road map for my website Suggest Something


Very informative article. Happy to read. Thank you for sharing.

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Here are some of the best ways to improve your website for free are:

  1. Make use of (and continue to build) your email list.
  2. Strengthen your organic social media presence.
  3. Make your website SEO-friendly.
  4. Build material that is both interesting and useful.
  5. Take a look at Google Ads.
  6. Use social media to promote your company.
  7. Collaborate with brands that are complementary to your own.
  8. Take part in online conversations and activities.
  9. Use influencer marketing to your advantage.
  10. Make the most of your brick-and-mortar store (s).

Thanks for sharing! I myself like to use a collaboration strategy with Influencer to promote the products. I collaborate with an artist to drive organic sales to my Shopify store by selling POD products. The strategy is quite effective to drive organic sales without having to pay any ads.

Shopify Dropshipping POD: Learn How I Drive 100% Organic Sales Through Collaboration with Artists ---
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Post your business classified Free with to Advertise your business online. Register to promote your brand & small scale (SSI) businesses locally. Increase your service enquiries/responses by posting free classified advertisements.

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Thanks so much for sharing this super helpful guide!


I just wanted to add specifically for Competitions — the app Arena is great for running competitions on your store. Check it out!


To echo @Bo's point about Seeking Out a Strategic Partnership, or partnerships, the fastest I found this could be done EFFECTIVELY, is through Carro.

A great way to have another business’ customer base see your product, or product line is through partnerships. The key to this is finding a non-competitive yet like-minded brand that is catering to the same demographic of  people or geography that you are trying to attract. Carro does this exactly and they are even rolling out features regularly  to facilitate growth via brand matching. It typically can take months, if not years, to create these opportunities, but I found the process is exceptionally fast tracked through Carro by cutting out the back and forth and establishing a common interest right from the start.

  • The established connection you get from this is astronomical: Lets your do Coordinated sales, Partner discount offers, Email and marketing cross promotion, Team up on a giveaways, holiday promotion, Miscellaneous sharing, liking and commenting...
  • Add Your Product to Their Store & Add Their Product To Your Store: Using Carro you can add their product to your store in minutes once approved(a brand can set manual or auto approval) and you can add your product to your store as if you have thousands of units of that product, in your warehouse! In reality, your supplier is still shipping it and the orders flow right into your store! Think of it as a hybrid of of a brand partnership and drop shipping as there is no upfront inventory or product cost.
  • Create a product bundle together: Once you have added their product to your store using Carro, you can make it part of a partnership bundle which includes both you and your brand partners product. Tip: don't jus settle for one, try a few bundles and see which resonates with both customer groups best! Offer to feature their product in your store and newsletters in exchange for them doing the same.
  • Provide your partner with a discount code to send with their orders(Physical card, or Digital placement on the order confirmation email, shipping email, and out for delivery email).
  • If you can afford some marketing samples, send them samples to send out with their product. You can even make an order minimum in order for their customer to get a free product which can increase perceived value!
  • Send your brand partners samples: This also lets the brand you are working with, or brand you are trying to work with, really know your product. The best that can come from this is fresh content, different from that same in-house photographer you always used(with is probably you!).
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