How to add Google Dynamic Remarketing code in Shopify

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If there is any guideline about setting up remarketing throught GA it would be awesome.

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Hi guys!

There's another way to embed GA script to your store. With Custom JavaScript & jQuery scripts app it's easy. No coding, no searching. Just copy&paste. Simple as that. Moreover you can add several scripts of other integrations and run them simultaneously. Even before /head tag. Contact us for help.


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Anybody using dynamic remarketing for facebook shopping ads? Looking for some how-to guides for facebook dynamic remarketing.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi guys,


I really need help with Google Ads dynamic remarketing.


The issue I am having is that my feed is sending to Google Merchant Center the SKU number. 

While all the suggested solutions include for ecomm_prodid something like this

shopify_{{ shopify_store_country }}_{{ }}_{{ }}

But the above returns the regular 'shopify_US_XXXXXXX_YYYYYYY' format, which is not good in my case because I need the number to match the SKU (as in my merchant account feed).


Any ideas on how to adjust the code to return SKU numbers?


Thank you so much!

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Hi Kate

Very good job.

I have a doubt, could you help me?

The google code is:


gtag('event', 'page_view', {     (what do you put here?)
ecomm_pagetype: '{{ template }}',
ecomm_prodid: '{{ }}',
ecomm_totalvalue: '{{ product.price_min | money_without_currency }}',
ecomm_category: 'Home & Garden',    (what do you put here?)


Thanks in advance