How to build an ad right? Still got no sales!

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I built the store :
and i made some facebook ads, reached almost 7000 impressions and just have about 180 clicks on my store.
I didn't made any sale for now.

I've tried Kit and done ads on my own.

I need some feedback and would be very thankful for some advice.


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Well, I do not know what the image or content you used in your Facebook ads was, however, if it brought you 180 clicks then I am sure the issue is not with your ads. You got people to your website but they did not purchase anything. Now the main reason for this could the audience you targeted. Since you sell products that would appeal to only men, I am positive you did your targeting for males only and used a specific age group as well because I do not see teenagers or guys in their early 20's going for such sophisticated shaving products. 

I would suggest targeting a mature audience like 30 to 50-year-old males. If you're targeting was not an issue, then it might be an issue with your website. Did you check the analytics of your site to know what your visitors actually did when they got there? You need to study your website to know what its shortcomings are and what any technical issue your visitors may be facing.

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Hello Jan.

Advertising is a science. You say you use Facebook but I'm not sure that is the best place for your product. FB is like ads in traditional media: newspaper, radio and television. They are what's called interrupt advertising. You are simply hoping that those who see your ad will have an interest in what you're selling. Or you are doing what's called branding, that when they need your product, they'll think of you first. Car companies do this all the time on TV.

What you need to do is search campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing. Those looking for a product are more likely to buy than those simply exposed such as on FB. I assume on FB you targeted only men which on the surface makes sense. But no every man is interested in buying a higher-end shaving kit. It also depends on what you said in your ad and the image. You are also dismissing women who may want to buy a nice gift for the man in their life.

You achieved a 2.5% click rate on FB which seems very good. But since you got no sales, either you got curiosity clicks or you did not convince those visitors to buy from you. I think it may be more the latter after checking your products.

A few questions I have in mind which you don't answer is 1) what about changing blades? What kind and where to get them? Is it a special blade? 2) I see the brushes which means you need the soap. Again, what kind of soap? Your kit doesn't seem to provide it and you don't appear to sell it. This may be an issue.

Hope that helps and good luck.


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I have visited your site and must say found it very appealing. Now, let's get down to the issue you are facing. You are getting impressions and a healthy amount of clicks which means that there is nothing wrong with your ad. Now, the problem could be with your targeting. Are you sure you have selected the right audience to target? Since the products you sell are high-end men's grooming products, your target audience should be men only, age from 28 to 50. Younger males will not go for your products as they may seem old fashioned or expensive to them. 

Also, use a screen recording tool to understand what your visitors do when you get on your website. Test your website's payment page to ensure it works fine.

Hope it helps, good luck. 

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Hi Jan, 

I checked out your website. Great products. But where's the information about you? I have feedback on your website and audience. So I am going to go one by one: 

1. Audience: Joy was right. Since you're not selling a generic product, your targeting has to be super-tight. You can use Facebook's audience insights to get ideas on who to target. In fact using this tool, you'll be able to create different personas. It's really useful! 

I noticed that you've placed a pixel on your website. Have you created a custom audience and are you targeting them. Well, custom audiences always tend to perfrom better. You have a coupon. You can run a coupon ad to people who people who visited your website, but didn't convert. 

Now, if you're planning to run retargeting ads, it's vital that you focus on growing the traffic to your website from organic sources as well. It's going to help you in the long run. And it's crucial for SEO also. Have you explored OrangeTwig for Organic traffic. I'd strongly recommend that you give it a try. The best part is that you can get started for FREE here: OrangeTwig 

Also, Instagram is important. Your products are very Instagram friendly. If you get your hashtags correct and keep posting interesting content, you're set to grow. I know searching for hashtags can take time and that's why I'd suggest that you use OrangeTwig's Hashtag Research tool. You won't have to spend hours searching for the right hashtags. Within seconds, you'll get high-frequency and niche hashtags. You can give it a try for FREE and continue if it makes sense. 

The entire toolkit is explained here: Insta-Success Toolkit 

2. Website: There is no About Us page. Also, you have linked your social channels. Basically there is little trust. Your buyer can't see you. He is making an online payment to a seller who he has never met, doesn't know anything about and for a product that he wouldn't get immediately. See where I am going with this?

 Your About Us and social channels links will tell the buyer who you are, basically put a face to the name. Even if you don't have 1000s of followers, you should still add your social channels links. It makes a buyers feel as if they know where can they vent if something goes wrong. 

You can take some tips on writing an About Us from here: Brilliant tips for an About Us page 

I hope this helps you. 

- Karan 

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